Physical attack must be fixed

PROBLEM: Physical attack misses way too much, even when you do dungeons below you.

WHAT I FEEL? : After numerous experiments to balance my skill points on my time warrior with more dex, it still misses, and items that give accuracy also don’t increase your hit chances. Yes, you want to slow speed runs, we get that, but your directly causing everyone to choose magical damage, just look at the game, majority of the damage dealers are chronos. Its forcing the game to be really dull and not much of a choice. The physical attack builds are extremely unrewarding, painful… i can’t help but feel that i’ll get some kinda carpal tunnel syndrome everytime i try to hit and it constantly misses.

Solution: Just like having 80 vitality to attain a certain level of immunity, dexterity is currently ineffective and useless except for wearing gear. Make dexterity more balance and effective for e.g : having a specific amount of dex gives you a specific guaranteed hit rate. Do that, and it’ll incentivise more players to play phsyical attack builds.