Players only running Dens and Outposts is a Problem

Please balance the dungeons so players don’t only want to run Dens and Outposts. There are multiple ways to do this, maybe someone can comment with some detailed ideas/suggestions for this. I will do so soon but I feel like there is an overload of feedback and bug reports right now and this could wait while other more important issues are addressed.

Over time though, players should want to run all dungeons and not just Dens and Outposts.



I had to skip many Insectoids of high level because team members thought that NFTs never drop in this kind of dungeon…

Just an idea but… what about joining Time Tears where we don’t know what’s inside? We can only see the level of the dungeon but not the name. This could be applied to all Time Tears or just some of them with some small loot drop bonus, for example.


Why would anyone ever run anything else ? so few nfts dropping from anything else then binos and outpost. and also, theres max 3 tankbugs or clockys in the other ones, fewer mobs, theres really nothing good about insectoid. Also you get the useless bossroom sooo often, with only the small bugs.

Id personally rather break a leg, than play that dungeon.

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There could be a content based solution to this problem. Instead of simply balancing the dungeons so they all have around the same NFT drop rate making them all “the same”, they could do something like this:

Dens/Outposts = Best for NFT Drop Rate
Crash Site = Best for Item Drops (high chance to drop rare and above items)
Hive = Best Pocket Watch Drop Rate

We will assume Big Time has plans for this, also questing system will force running different dungeons to collect certain mob kills or item drops.


IMO best solution is make all types of dungeons equally chance for everything (currently they are imbalanced), more importantly equally FUN (currently the incursions are boring and long and easy to get lost in). I think one factor is contributing to the current imbalance is the code bugs or design bugs, i mean we spent 10 minutes running around in a dungeon only to find out that the missing lieutenant is no where to be found, or we run into boss room with no boss inside!

I agree with your suggestion on the dedication of certain type of dungeon for various questing systems.

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I think some of the issue stems from the fact that we are still in alpha phass and there is a lot of bugs/issues with the icy dungeons like the boss group only having 6 tiny bugs vs outpost-dens having 70+
when the most I have ever seen in an icy dungeon was 22 and that was once the most common dungeon boss I receive is around 4-11 for icy so of course players will lean towards the higher count of boss mobs.
But I don’t think the problem stops there the dungeons are fundamentally boring with the quests being so basic I love the gameplay and the feeling of the game but these of some serious issues they need to address and resolve soon (All will most likely be resolved by Full release though so)