Playing with double account

Hello, today I was playing with a group and we had a low level shadowblade (dungeons level 40-50) that was afk all the time.
I mentioned it to the leader and this was what he replied.

The leader of the group was Amadeyc and Siegrune was his shadowblade.

I don’t want to play with an afk player in the group, especially if he is a double player he has twice the chance of getting an nft than the rest of the players. It is unfair

Can anything be done with these players?



Report to support

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Please contact our support team on our website with this and they will be happy to assist you

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I see this trend poppin more and more last few weeks… You can see different names but same guy and sometimes you see duplicates with the same name like “xyz01” - “xyz04” for example.
He/she/it add 2 low lvl players and just farming their 4 accounts while the 2 real players get left behind.

I want to hear BT team opinion on this and if there will be some kind of actions taking place, I’m really concerned by that… Sorry but I don’t wanna play with exploitters and bots, it’s ruining my experience and it just leaves a bad taste

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common theme I see here too. Not a good look.