Please change this web page of the game

I would like to know why this game does not have a web page according to it, why the page that currently has big time is the worst I have seen, is it so difficult to make a web page? , I don’t think it’s for money, to check the updates, news, it’s very depressing to see the page like this, there are games like final fantasy xiv, wow or final fantasy xi that have a page as it should, let’s see if you can start here

Mmmmm maybe because the main focus right now is not the website but the game?

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friend, that has nothing to do with that, a web page takes a day or 2 to make, I am not asking for much, I have not entered the game for free, I have paid money and I have invested in space, the least they can do is a web page with the news that are coming out and updates, because right now I don’t know where to look when there is an update or not, I hope you have understood