Please don't turn the picture grey when "you are dead"

Hey, this is Michael , Gold pass, space holder
I have a suggestion is pls don’t turn the picture gray when" you are dead"
Reason : If KOLs or live streamers want to make wonderful videos, they will die by his own hand, then they can record the game video freely, multiple angles and wonderfully, but the gray picture is so bad for the video.
So pls don’t turn the picture gray when" you are dead" or set a button players can choose them gray or not(like the mini map button)
Its benefit for Bigtime’s PR


If we make the videos with gray picture, and upload them to Youtube, web2.0 players will think bigtime‘s picture is so poor, its very very adverse for us.

noted, I’ll pass on this suggestion, thankyou Michael!

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I actually made a post around silver about this saying that we should be able to spectate our teammates instead of watching a grey screen till we are revived so maybe as well as removing the grey screen we can get a spectate function when you are dead.

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