PLEASE Remove Fall Damage

PLEASE remove the fall damage entirely.
It doesn’t make sense in an MMO.
All the jump attacks from high ground which added to the fun aspect of the game are basically useless now because you just die. Its like THOR jumping from a mountain with his hammer and slamming the ground to kill “bugs” :joy: Like who wouldn’t want to do that?
All those jumping spots should be considered as fun little ways to just play around. I remember the first time we found one of those we spent like an hour just jumping around for fun. I wouldn’t consider it a bug… Its a FEATURE.
Like what about the future with mounts? Are they all going to be ground mounts? That would be kinda lame … I’m pretty sure everyone would love flying mounts.
All the people I asked said this new fall damage is really lame. In fact people already started finding ways around it.
Like ok you got to test it but now please remove it again.
Thanks ~

I would disagree. Fall damage is a common feature in MMOs. At first it was way overturned but now the damage seems reasonable after the hotfix. However, I would suggest in game items (i.e. a potion) that allows you to slow fall or glide without taking fall damage.

I wouldn’t suggest adding something like potions for something as simple as falling.
I agree that adding gliding could be an option but I’m pretty sure that if thats a thing its quite far down the line.
What exactly do you gain from fall damage?
For people that like to explore it’s hella annoying imo.