Pocket Watch Drops

Problem you’re trying to solve
after a week of release, high tier pocket watches are just dropped by people.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I feel like this makes the game too easy and the early people can just boost friends too fast

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Disable pocketwatches from being dropped

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I’d also prefer that people can’t share their PW and the only way to get them would be playing the game. Friends and guildies should play together and farm PW in order to get a better one. This would force them to keep playing the game instead of just wait in Water Town for a new PW.

Also, people would stop selling PW in the black market.

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Hi all. There is already a ticket to address this. Players won’t be able to drop PW in bags anymore.

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We are in early access now, where everyone should have the chance to get a good start and have a really good experience. So i think it is very nice, that ppl give a good starting pocket watch to new players. The game is already hard enough for the new ones who start, especially all those, who are not gamers, and never played these type of games.

I get what you are saying, but i dont think it is something you should worry about, how other people play, just focus your own gameplay, and if you dont want to get a tier 6 or tier 7 pocketwatch the first 2 weeks after you start, thats entirely your decision :slight_smile:

In my eyes early access is where ppl learn the game, and have a really good experience, and they most likely wont have that, if they die 10 times pr hour, coz both their pw and gear are garbage, and they dont know the game :slight_smile:

We will make this game ever more succesful, if we all pitch in, and give an hand to the new players.l

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But i totally agree, that leveled pocket watches should have been fixed LONG time ago, they should never had been able to drop in bags :slight_smile:

So a few things.

  1. Bound pocket watches being able to be traded with bags is bad and will be fixed.

  2. You didn’t really state a problem. What’s the problem with people sharing pocket watches?

  3. I am, unequivocally, not a fan of “they’re having too much fun, so let’s nerf that,” so fair warning, if you’re going to call for nerfs, make sure you are stating why that makes the game better for everyone.

There’s work to be done on the early game balance and single-player experience. So, it doesn’t bother me at all that players are sharing and hooking up other players with a little head start now to make those experiences easier, at least for now.

We also don’t currently have a way to “feed” experience from one pocket watch to a new one. I know some people are waiting to dig into a 2nd character until they get something better than a starter pocket watch. So, again, at least for now, I don’t have a problem with players helping players.

Also, just because you get a pocket watch doesn’t mean you’re not going to upgrade it, multiple times. Even a Common Tier 7 Pocket Watch, as cool as that would be, versus having a Starter Pocket Watch, still has 8 more rarity upgrades it could get:

On top of that, just because you get an Exalted Tier 7, doesn’t mean that it has the stats you want. I have an Exalted Chronomancer in my bag right now that has 0 Str and 0 Dex and only about 70ish int. I realized pretty quickly that Tier 2/3 gear has a lot of Str/Dex requirements, so I was running around mostly naked until I caved and put on some Tier 1 gear. I found a better Tier 6 Mythic yesterday that I’m going to be switching to.

So, right now, I disagree that we want to stop players from helping players by dropping pocket watches. We need to fix the exploit of bags, and we’re putting the word out that selling pocket watches is a big no-no.

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I think for early access there is no issue, we want people playing and testing the game and everything will be wiped anyways.

In full release, the problem with letting people drop pocket watches is it will devalue them over time. Exalted and better T7s would eventually be dropped as free loot in town and over the course of some months they would be common place and then it defeats the purpose of them being prestigious, powerful and cool. Also deprives people of the content and grinding they have to do to get them for themselves. That’s valuable content and play time we don’t want to give away as free drops in town.

I wouldn’t be opposed to not being able to drop pocket watches in full release because in the end, players want to run the content for themselves. Having a ton of high end groups farming the best pocket watches all day dropping them like candy in town would deprive many people the joy of running through the content and finding it for themselves.

If there will be no player driven marketplace to trade items and pocket watches for gold or tokens, a middle of the road solution could be to make Mythic and better pocket watches bound on pickup so they can not be dropped, and let people give out the lower rarity ones to new players. Something like that.


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I disagree with this,as someone who gives a lot of pocketwatches,i wanna help people to get started. Its good to help out new people. The pws are level 0 anyways when you give them and that bag issue will be fixed.

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trust its not a in a world when depression and anxiety are a common among gamers get a little help that ill make their experience in game with their friends and strangers more fun and confortable dont hurt no one and many people fell the same the only ones i has expecting big things about this game and start nerfing one of the game qualities its not one of them sigh these who complain ill only win with this game change function cus in the end we all i repeat we all still will be doing same dungeons high level dont metter if yours items were given to you to help your gameplay or if you hard gring without help cus the more people doing these high level maps with proper gear the better this way wont be so will be less Frustrating when u have to die less because u got a well geared team and thats it win win.

PS. all my gear i got my self but if someone decide to give me or someone a good item i dont mind and you all need do the same .

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