Pocket watch progression suggestion!

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Problem you’re trying to solve
The current system of allows a player to place a t7 gear into a t3 or lower watch

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
This system in my opinion makes early pocket watches overly powerful and removes incentives to switch to a higher watch. It also allows a player to either afk leech of a high level group in a dungeon 30+ levels higher and significantly leap that players pocket watch ahead.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Change it so that a t7 cannot be placed into a lower tier watch incentivising upgrading to a new pocket watch. However a lower tier gear can always be placed in a higher tier pocket watch.


Reduce the effectiveness of a T7 gear inside a lower Tier watch so, for example;
if I place a t7 in my t3 It scales the gear’s effectiveness to the lower tier and maybe only allowing 2 of the 4 subtrees available to be used until placed inside a pocket watch of the same tier.

This would make me less inclined to throw away pocket watches and shift to a new watch in order to gain a power creep .

You could expand upon this by making a gear of a rarity if placed inside a “matching” pocket watch unlock a type of “set” like bonus. Imagine a transcendent gear inside a transcendent pocket watch now lets that gear unlock 1 extra skill point for each sub tree or skill tree listed on that gear, this would also present the player with further diversity in builds.


I think this would be a brilliant way to add another item people can hunt for upgrades for. Gears are the most powerful items in the game and it is pretty silly I can use a T2 gear I found in a level 10 dungeon and have it be the same power as a T7 gear I found in a 60+ dungeon.

I would like it if you could still use any tier gear, but if you used a T2 Gear in a T7 Pocket Watch then it would not be as strong or effective. Maybe the skills take a % penalty for every Tier they are under the pocket watch. Other way to do it would be to give a bonus to using gears that are the same tier or above to make it fun to hunt these for upgrades.


Feedback added in Jira to be reviewed. Thanks guys!