Pocket Watch Tiers

What’s better, an Epic Tier 5 pocket watch or a Common Tier 6 pocket watch.

I think its the Epic Tier 5, but not sure.

Well depends on what you are looking for the higher in rarity’s you go the more attributes the pocket watch will have such as skills being added or stats being added. When it comes to the difference’s In tier’s generally the higher tier pocket watch will give you more stats over all as shown in the example below I use a tier 5 legendary because it gives me the void dodge ability/Sub tree and the stats sub tree

The higher tier watch is also a epic one tier lower in rarity so I prefer the specific stat bonuses this legendary gives me as well as the abilities trees it gives me access to rather then the over all increase of stats so it all depends on what your looking for in the stats/ability’s that a pocket watch will give u. There is a ton of customizability and mid maxing you can do if you get lucky and a pocket watch rolls the exact ability’s and stats you want.

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Great info, really appreciated.