Pocketwatch - reseting the progress

I don’t know guys but when I think about it that I will grind while official opening, reaching 30 lvl and finally drop t5/t6 pocketwatch and then I have to start all over again from lvl 1, Iam getting angry… In my opinion it should not work like that, all my progress I made is ruined just go get better stats… What is ur opinion on that? Maybe there should be option to transfer ur progress to other pockewatch?


I agree 100%. I don’t think this is a fun mechanic and making people start over from scratch every time they get a higher tier pocket watch will cause problems. For example:

1 - I have a group of friends I play with and I get a Mythic T5 Pocketwatch that I want to upgrade to. I have to start over and now I can’t play with my friends anymore.

2 - I spend a month getting a T5 Pocketwatch to level 40+ and then I find a Mythic T5/T6 pocket watch I want to use. Do I really want to wipe a month of work for those stat upgrades?

3 - What happens when they add more content down the road and add T7/T8 pocket watches? Am I forced eventually to wipe a level 50+ character and start all over again to keep up with the content? That doesn’t sound fun.

I think they need to add a way to transfer progress from one pocketwatch to a higher tier pocketwatch of the same class for gold or tokens. That way people who don’t mind leveling up again can do it for free and those that refuse to start over can pay to transfer the progress.

I am 100% sure the majority of players will not like starting over from level 1 every time they find a better pocketwatch. Totally messes up the group of players you can play with… this is a big problem. I want to always be able to play with my friends.



1000% agree, please listen to him, supporters :smiley:

I also agree. This is something that the team has already been thinking about, so I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:


Totally agree and I think that the general public also agree. One solution could be that you start your new pocket watch -10 level (or -5). Say you have a tier 3 pocket watch with Time Warrior level 30, you then loot a tier 5 epic pocket watch with your time warrior, instead of staring from scratch you start it from -10 from current level, in this example you start from level 20 with your new pocket watch.

I think your rank should play a role to be honest .
If I am rank 50 maybe a new pocket watch starts at lvl 50 or has a boost to the speed of levelling new pocket watch.

Maybe a good way to solve this along with low rank players(or even new players) starting with high tier pw is to lock pw tiers with the level of your t0 starter pw. Instead of having pws drop and used as it is, make it so that what drops is not a pw itself but merely a potential upgrade to your pw. For instance, you need to be lvl10 in order to upgrade your t0 pw to tier2 pw of the same class. In essence, everybody starts at t0 pw whether its a new player, or an old player who wants to try a different class, or someone who simply wants to start a new pw even of the same class.

This also solves a few problem:

  1. This solves the potential pay to win aspect of trading pocket watches since they will still need to grind starting from a t0 pw in order to upgrade it to e.g. t6. This makes it so that nobody starts as OP.

  2. It is also a good way to burn pw supply. For instance, you currently have a rare t5 time warrior pw. Then, you found an exalted t5 time warrior pw upgrade that you want to use. To use it, you need to make a decision to overwrite your current rare t5 tw pw with the exalted one. This will of course retain your level but the rare t5 tw pw will be burned.

  3. If you want to keep your t5 tw pw instead, you have the option to start levelling up a new t0 tw pw in the hopes of upgrading it to an exalted t5 tw pw in the future.

  4. I personally use high tier pw to serve as storage since it can usually have enough stats( or easily equipped to have enough stats) to equip t6 bags even @ lvl 0. Having all pws begin with a t0 starter pw prevents this from happening. I dont think having pws serve as lvl 0 t6 bag holders aren’t by game design anyway.

  5. Since people will be having less storage space due to point #4, they will have less space to pick and sell items. Thus, reducing the gold earning rate from selling in the vendos.

  6. This will also deter players from skipping content because no low level pw can start as OP.