Pocketwatches and requirements

For the first time ever, im afraid of the future of this game, after the latest patch.

Im well aware, that the dev team is working really hard to maje this game perfect, but the latest patch is nothing less than a disaster in my eyes. This is despite all the nice stuff as higher lvl dungeons, fragments etc.

The killer was when you guys decided, which pocket watches we can or cannot play, and made the randomness factor decide, who can still play and enjoy the game, and who cant.

So i have seen the most OP tier 5 exalted pw with lvl 40 requirements, while other has shitty tier 5 rares which requires rank 48.

I cannot see the actual live numbers of how many plays the game each day after the patch, but i can tell, from a player view, its going down FAST. Its crazy hard to find a team now, and you have to use a big level gap between the 6 members, which ruins not only the xp for the lowest ones, but makes the team not able to compete in the dungeons.

I think bigtime has to roll over, and realise that this patch with pw and gear requirements was fuckup of the century, and roll it back.

Let us all play the pocketwatches we have been grinding for Weeks, instead of favor some ppl with the random luck factor, and wait with to implement the pw and gear requirements for next full reset.

The game is losing players faster than gaining new ones right now.

This is said by one who plays the game more than anyone else, and who can see, how much the game is bleeding right now

If you guys dont correct this huge mistake, and let us play our actual grinded pocket watches, you wont lose me, i will always keep grinding. But you will lose majority of your playerbase. This i am almost 100% certain off.


I didn’t expect I would agree with you but here we are.

You can also argue that barely any changes introduced after Jade actually made the game better.

If its on me, I would just rollback Jade where dungeons are fun and boss rooms are at least a bit challenging.
Then add the rebalanced skill and the syphon dungeons.


I mean it was needed, it just needs to be altered. The system itself is great it solves a lot of the exploits you seen early on in game sucks that you cant use your high tier pocket watches now and you have to grind for it eh? I mean i hate that i have to grind too but it makes the game more enjoyable in a sense it needed to be done. Sorry to disagree with you but it’s the honest truth. Ontop of that it makes it so the game it ever lasting evolving because you can pick up one day at rank 45 and be like damn i grinded this far than a month later they release more content for you at that level.

Don’t understand how you’re afraid of the future of this game. The games doing great just needs its tweaks. It;s ahead of its kind in blockchain gaming that’s for sure. Not here to debate or anything just stating the honest truth. We all may have our opinions but you have to admit at some point this isn’t all THAT bad. It just needs reworked does it not? The system is there as a foundation in a sense but was rushed out maybe? Have to remember they’re a core group of people. Not like blizzard where they got hundreds on their end helping out every step of the way.

Big props to Big Time for doing what they’re doing they’ve seen a lot of complaints these past few days and they’ve handled it well and addressed it properly.

This being said i look forward to the next 3 months of Big Time because honestly you don’t know as much as i do so. We’re both in for a surprise. Just understand you’ve seen the development from Jade to Ruby are you not impressed? I mean it’s went through drastic changes since then and it’s been a nice run overall.

Big Time is going to be successful we just all have to work together to BALANCE everything out and speak everyone’s ideas into existence so we know what’s going on. Yes we they get complaints but theres a lot of people that love this system and just want it tweaked.

Anyways EBD signing out peaaaaaaace and love :slight_smile:


I have to agree to disagree with you on this one.

I agree that this patch was executed poorly… and some of the ‘side efects’ of existing game issues are now more prevalent than ever. Some of these issues include:

Replayability of pocket watches
Level xp penalties across party members
Skipping content by progressing faster than intended causing dumb 1 shot combat.

I prepped for this update and I was unfortunate to land a t4 watch that required rank 33 and was only rank 30 on this reset and I have to say this;

Level 1 - 4 is in need of help (level 0 players can’t use almost all drops in the beginning with the current system)

4-12 : really felt good. The combat was again dynamic leaning on roles.

12-24 : same power progression but with the main issue of now we can’t play with friends due to the xp penalty heavily impacting groups.

I hear above 30 the xp grind is just draining.

There is absolutely no place for any dungeon with a level gap of more than 2-3 level spread with an xp penalty and gear penalty in place.

I support not being able to just pick up high level pocket watches off the floor and start from there so these gear requirements are a great step in the right direction. I think the issue lies in not also providing a system that rewards players for replaying the game.

I’ve played sonething like 500 hours into this game across jade and these last hot fixes. I’ve re-leveled a lot of times and i think one solution would be this

Rank = xp gain modifier


If i am a player that reaches rank 30 and decide or need to re-level a pocket watch then let me gain bonus xp from lvl 1-30 on any new watch and then return the level curve to normal from 30 onwards. Simply put a catchup mechanic to the rank a player has already achieved. This takes away the penalty for players that play a lot and compensates their time investment without destroying the initial playthrough experience of a new player.

Right now the xp penalty has completely destroyed partying with anyone not within range.

I have to also agree with you turbo though that this has been received by the player base poorly and needs to be addressed quickly or the player base will stop playing.

Devs please be more transparent in the future with changes coming so we can all work together to make this game great.



Major problem was the item rank requirements update forced people to do the worst parts of the game that I had been posting about for over a month.

No one wants to start over from scratch every time they get a new pocket watch, this is bad game design. We need a way to transfer EXP from the old pocket watch to the new one. I posted about that over a month ago, but no one cared because they could simply get a T5/T6 Pokcetwatch at an early level from a guild mate or higher level player and not worry about it. Now they can’t do that and they are forced to see how bad the system of starting over every pocketwatch is.

Now that you can’t wear items higher level than you to get strong (which is fine), the Level Gap from 10-20 is very difficult to get through, and you have to go through it over and over because you have to restart pocket watches over and over. Before you could skip from Dusky Forest to Wastelands and it wasn’t that big a deal, but now it’s not as easy to do that and it makes this level range 10-20 very difficult to find dungeons.

Finding players around the same level so you don’t get experience penalty is super difficult. This needs to be addressed right away.

Dungeons level ranges should be smaller to help find content around your level, now that are items are not as strong, we need dungeons around our level. 10-13, 13-16, 16-19, 19-21, etc.

Having Dungeons with 10+ level gaps is now making it very difficult towards the end when you get to the boss room, the mobs can be way too hard for your group making the leveling process frustrating. Getting items in a dungeon around your level that you can’t wear is not acceptable.

I have been posting about all this stuff for over a month. For some reason they decided not to fix these things that have very easy fixes. Dungeons size is too large. Buck did a recent poll that confirmed what was very obvious since the day those 45+ minute dungeons came out.

I am at the point where I can’t offer anymore to the forums or to the developers. They have the blueprint laid out right here to fix the game and make it fun again: https://forum.bigtime.gg/t/focus-on-fun-next-patch

Now I will wait and hope to hear something back from the team in the forums saying they are addressing these issues. Buck has said he is working on some of that stuff, but it has been a month, so my patience and trust that they know what they are doing is evaporating.

Luckily it’s all easy to fix if they decide to listen.


You are right, only small tweaks are needed, we have listed them in this forum thread: https://forum.bigtime.gg/t/focus-on-fun-next-patch

Could you go through that list and DM me on Discord and let me know if you think I missed anything or we are wrong about something on the list? So far it seems to be pretty unanimous amongst the guilds, players, community and mods that those are the tweaks needed to fix the game and make it fun again.

Reason we are worried is because most of this stuff has been on the radar for a month, so we are wondering if they will listen and fix those things the way they should be or if they will try to fix them in ways that cause more problems (like they have through ruby).

I am all for giving the team the benefit of the doubt and being patient. At some point though, it’s up to the players to speak up and help them fix things. I think it’s clear we are at that point now. Development team at some point should thank the players for making such a perfect list of how to fix the game. So far we have not heard anything, and this is a bit concerning. We love Big Time and we respect the team, it’s important they respect the players/community as well.


I disagree with you.

After the patch I needed to self reset, start from Tier 0 lvl 0.
However, game itself is way better than before. Only thing Devs should have reset everything.

You are forget that playing alpha Early access. And EAL purpose is finding bugs and check the game balances. So just give the feed back of game balances. Not only like why my pocket watch can not use or something.

Devs will reset the game constantly until Open Beta anyway.

Important thing of this version is players going though every lvl of dungeons or not. Will players skip like before or not?. How will effect the hotfix to ways of playing the game.

Previous version of the game was still easy to get in high level dungeons.

If the game is easy like before. After official launch people finish the entire game in few days then never come back. That’s the worst thing.
So the game balances should not be so easy.

Normally game devs won’t let you play alpha stage of the game. Because there are so many bugs and game balances aren’t good. Also entire game might be change till beta or official release.

Roll back no needed… just need feed back of this version and fix them to make better game.

Yes agreed. Just need to fix the current version, all easily fixable. What do you think about level requirements only on high end gear? T4-T5 and higher have level requirements, but the early stuff we can wear as normal if we have the stats…

Level reqs were added to stop new players from wearing end game items and skipping content. I think by adding level reqs to every item in the game it has messed up the early game, especially for new players who don’t understand why they can’t wear items they are getting from early level dungeons. What are your thoughts?

I already posted the game feed back here.


I understand your pain. People will disagree with you to gain brownie points with devs, but you are right.

I have been playing multiple times daily since the first day of silver pass.

I created a guild organically through meeting and making friends with people.

There are about 2 dozen people in the guild and players have been steadily dropping since after jade.

This isnt a hotfix, its a game killer. Theres only 2 people in my guild now that are actuality trying to give this hotfix a chance, but even those two say they are about done playing as well.

I miss my friends and i miss actually liking and being bullish for bigtime.

For me, the gameplay has always been under par, but i know its beta. The type of grind they ha e introduced is not worth it right now. The game isnt even fun yet.

The biggest appeal, hunting pocket watches and items have been taken away.

Also a big portion of the community has actually vanished. I miss playing with my friends and that was the biggest pull for a lot of people in playing this game.

We have options. TOWER OF FANTASY, is out now and is a game like genshin impact but its actual multiplayer like BigTime.

The battle and gameplay is just so much more satisfying.

Even tho ive spent thousands of dollars on this game, i would rather play tower of fantasy then grind in bigtime. Its just not enjoyable anymore.

Also i dont know the point of bigtime. Even star atlas has a cenematic explaining the purpose of the game. Family or friend missing in space, probably found a planet thats a giant diamond, and now everyone is chasing you…

What is the story of bigtime?

Also, the game wasnt really being exploited before with items and watches… we were all actually having fun in a game where enimies and mobs and bossrooms had no point anyway, but al least we were still motivated to kill everything and keep upgrading items and watches. If an nft popped up it was an added bonus, but honestly nft animations didnt really make it worth it either.

Also i got bugged when i went into a faulty dundeonand my rank dropped from 29 to 15 so i cant do anything now.

Ill just wait and hopefully they fix this patch with a better patch.


I also agree,

I went to rank 38 and was pretty sure I could use my new PW tier 4 (rare) but got unlucky with a roll requirement 40… WTH?
Levelling from tier0 is not a problem and was expecting something like that but the level gap is too restricting. i am now level 26 and can’t play with my friends anymore… this game is supposed to be a group game and it is not anymore.

Please devs… communicate on this quickly and tell us you will release a new hotfix (just need to update the penalty of level difference and make a reset).

The original post is correct, BT… you are losing a lot of players… a lot. please act on it.