Post-Ruby Hotfix Still OP

Problem you’re trying to solve
So my understanding of the recent player reset with the post-ruby hotfix, is that the main purpose of this was to balance out the game because players where very overpowered. Which makes sense and I agree with. However, this issue of being overpowered is still very present post-reset.

In all fairness, I was doing 10-20K jump attacks on my time warrior pre-reset, but still, my new chrono was only created less than 2 days ago and is already using a T6 epic pocketwatch and has a full set of lvl 35-45 rare/epic/legendary gear and is able to hold his own in level 40+ dungeons, all while being only level 14. So, the result is the same - I am still able to skip the entire early/mid game content with minimal gameplay.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
Being able to equip level 40 gear while I am level 14 doesn’t feel like it makes sense. It feels like I am overpowered, it feels like lower tier gear and lower tier pocketwatches have no value. I am able to just pickup a high rarity pocketwatch on the ground which doesnt feel right either. I should have to play significantly more time to progress through the early content and obtain this gear. Also, high rarity gear like epic and legendary is dropping way too early, especially at a early level. Players will get bored quickly when the game is this easy.

Also I am not noticing much of a change in the game balance, outside time warriors being nerfed?

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

  1. Put level requirements on loot tiers
  2. Prevent pocket watches from being traded
  3. lower drop rates of loot and rarity

" 1. Put level requirements on loot tiers"
Rank level requirements would be great on the items. (and a PoE or Diablo 4 style passive Rank tree would be great too)

Totally agree with you. Clearly it’s not in the best interest of the game if people can jump to end game content and skip everything in between. I like some of your ideas and would encourage you to also check my thread that could solve the problem at the root level:

I love that we are now seeing more of these threads pop up to help guide the team to the right solution. Good work everyone!

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Lets re word this before all the players come in and cry your destroying trade…

Make pcket watches of all levels have some value to the player, so they are presented with a choice to keep or trade. If i could melt down a legendary pocket watch for some value (maybe a one time xp gain back into the next watch) I would be less inclined to throw them on the floor or trade them out. This can be further integrated with lore and story for justification on upgrading the pocket watch.

I proposed this idea within our guild and to buck directly but i’ll put it here.

Great comments I agree with all of this !!

Yeah totally agree. In general I think pocketwatches are being dropped too often. It does seem like it should have some value and rarity. And when I say trade - I should have said “given away for free.” Because right now players are just discarding them on the ground for others to just come by and pick up for free, which doesn’t seem to make much sense.

I like the idea of breaking it down - maybe could be used for crafting mats to actually create a new pocketwatch with more customized stats and abilities instead of random.

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I think my idea here should also help prevent people becoming too OP even at low levels. As well as solve other issues. Even if they got pw from what people drop, they should not be able to use it if their pw (of the same class) level is not enough. pw should be upgrades to your current pw instead of being a usable pw on its own.

Yep… i was one single day late to this latest update and came in to town at lvl 9 t0 only to find a mythic t5 on the floor decrypted already. As a QF that pw will prob be the only one I need because of wisdom main stat issues.

I want to earn my drops and have game remembering attachment to them

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