Potions and gold shortage

Problem you’re trying to solve
I am always running out of potions and running low on gold to buy more. The gold output is not enough to keep up.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I would like to be able to use more potions and still earn gold without going backwards.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
What if there was an alchemy in our SPACE and we could craft potion there and refill our pots between dungeons.


Potion crafting would be cool. Idk about the space part but i have an idea. The flowers in the dungeons could be the ingredients. Then you could craft them into potions.

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Hey @Gator, thanks for the feedback, I’ll log this in! Would you mind being more specific on what potions you go through the fastest, and which ones you think are crucial to your experience? This can help us further analyze your concern!


I found this to be most specific to the ShadowBlade from levels about 1-20. The SB takes a lot of damage and I was relying on the small health potions, using 10-20 small health potions per dungeon. This was taking 70-80% of my gold so I was not able to buy any other potions to use. I found that as I got to the higher dungeons of 20-30+, I could get ahead in gold from selling the more valuable gear. After reaching level 15 then 20 I am also able to equip better gear so the demand for the potions is more balanced during mid game.

Playing with Time Warrior I found the need for early health potions to be far less as I can sustain more incoming enemy damage during battle. If I hoard potions all day from breaking barrels in dungeons, I can gather enough to play a few more dungeons with potions ( all types). I find panacea and warding to be more valuable during more difficult dungeons. Scavenging potions allows me to stock pile gold for other purchases of trainers and gear, but this play causes me to forget about using potions from being non reliant on them during my play with TW.

I can foresee that once I am fully outfitted with gear and have my trainers paid up then I will have all the gold needed for potions in later game. I think an auto-use ability for potions might be valuable, so that when an ailment is applied from an enemy attack I am not struggling to find where and which potion to use for that ailment in my hot keys.


It would be a good idea to be able to create potions in our space. In my case, I use chronomancer and hardly use any potions, although I would need it, I’m constantly putting trees of life to recover. But I feel that using potions during the dungeon is not the solution, maybe using skills that consume less or always carry a quantum in the team.
In the case of shadow, do not go to the front line to avoid taking all the damage.

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