Press Left ALT to self heal

Make healing more enjoyable
I’ve played MMORPGs since I was about 10, im now 30… Sad to say. I love them, my favourite genre. I really love healing but the healing experience on Big Time so far doesnt feel very satisfying, it feels almost messy and rough. One small imporvement could be to simply add - When a spell is selected like light heal, allow us to press Left ALT to heal on myself without aiming. This would make it so much easier.

But why does it have to be easy ? :slight_smile:

wow is wayyyy to easy just to target your teammate or yourself and press 1 button, here you actually need to think, and read the pattern on where you think your teammates are moving, for your heal to hit them, i really love this part of the game :slight_smile:

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I agree the game has a ton of interesting skill shot mechanics that I love and I know @TwentyTw0 loves about the healing as well. Most games now are exactly like @Turbocharlie said 1button press heals that doesn’t really excite people or feel engaging but the way big time does it you have to anticipate where your team is going or at least communicate to them that they need to stand still for a heal it adds more engagement between players that I personally love. If you need more self healing have you used health potions ? they can be underwhelming earlier game but as you get into the large version of them they really do make a difference.

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