Progress gone on latest update

[Replace this: What happened? Note: Including videos is best, if possible, otherwise try to include screenshots where applicable;] After the servers going down the last time I logged on, I just tried again and my character progress and NFTs seem to have vanished.

[Replace this: What region? NA_West, NA_East, EU, etc. What instance? Charlie? Where in the world or what dungeon did this happen in?] Seems to be happening in all of them.

[Replace this: What time did it happen]
July 14, 2022

[Replace this: What were you doing when this happened? Character level, pocket watch level, stats if relevant, what interactions.]

Time Warrior, lvl 27, Tier 6 watch and 3 NFTs

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That is totally normal. With this new update they wiped everyones levels,items,skills,stats and stuff. Everything except cosmetic NFTS got wiped.

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Yeah - I didn’t realize that was the situation, but it does make sense.


Thanks for responding here @Gootsy.