QF turret don't give xp!

The only way to get xp before the turret kills an enemy is to hit em first with melee/skill (smite). i’m having fun getting into dg lvl 52. but it doesn’t give xp. only item drops.

but… i never got an nft with these type of runs…

so maybe fix artillery turret to give xp to the team/owner even we dont hit em. coz i think imo, the xp goes to the turret, no wonder turret lvl keep going up… and… i don’t think its a bug where you get infinite skills points(once reset) since the xp goes to the turret.

but the team needs xp too… pls add feature where team get xp even if we dont hit mobs.

Ofc youre not getting xp from the turrets kills, its not you who kills the mobs, but the turret. It is like this in many game :slight_smile: and those where you actually get xp from things like turrets, you only get a small percent of what i would give compared to if you killed it yourself. It is just how games work.

Tell me top games where a summoner that dont get xp when their underlings kills?? Didn’t even get a percent xp from turret kills… not even 1xp.

Play poe then you know…

the turrets definitely are OP imagine everybody gonna play this way(solo dungeon with turrets), what will happen to the game.

i would rather keep it as it is or maybe just adjust the XP into giving only 10% of the normal XP.

i dont think they should give any xp at all :slight_smile: i hope they keep it this way :slight_smile: