Quantum fixer bugged skills

Quantum fixed skills bugs:

  1. Heal orb - when Iam using skills I cannot see any animation or effects, just taking my mana
  2. Healing aura - sometimes when I dodge or sprint+jump, Healing aura skill dissapear immediately.
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I am pretty sure Healing Aura was “nerfed” so that it will disappear if you run or block too fast. This is intentional behavior and not a bug, although it does feel like a bug at first because it never used to work that way.

Heal orb may have an issue, I have never used that one!


Healing aura does have issues.
You can just stand there and it will be gone sometimes, maybe they tried to nerf it but it’s really unclear and if we indeed got nerfed- why we don’t know about that?

Also with QF… The basic melee attacks are sometimes stuck or doesn’t work, sometimes the animations doesn’t work and you stuck only with the first melee attack, this issue is here since silver

I am facing this as well

I have discovered, that when you turn on healing aura, you have to wait around 3 seconds to be able to make dodges, run etc.