Quantum Fixer Healing

Would like to see more healing spells viable. Wisdom should help scale healing amount maybe. If a player has 1000+ hit points and some spells like med ball only heal for 36, you don’t even see the health bar move which doesn’t feel good.
It would be fun to add compounding mechanics since some spells require others. I.E. if you hit with a med ball/grenade and then chain heal there’s an extra 8 seconds of a HoT; or if you hit with med ball then beam, the beam heal is increased +x%.
Maybe give refreshing grenade some mana/energy regen.
The full heal should keep a longer cooldown as it should be the “oh S!@#” party saver. If you can full heal the team every 20 or so seconds when fully leveled, it adds to the feeling of the other spells being worthless.


This has been the same since gold and we have asked for this but we arent getting any movement. The QF is just an unfinished class at this point

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I’ll wait for some pew pew guns then =p