Quantum Fixer Skill Balances/Changes we Need

Here is my list of some much needed balancing I believe would help the Quantum Fixer class feel more versatile, I truly hope the devs take in the consideration of the people that play the class!

Screenshot (872)


And of course I believe Fixer should have a Shielding ability, just think tweaking currently available skills would be easier for them at the moment.

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Yo I’ve been desperate for this info thanks a bunch man


Amazing post LowProfile. This is what we need done for each class, you nailed it.


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nice…pretty much all the heals except full heal don’t have notable utility and its not big difference between the heals

perhaps…add 1 offensive skill to fixer? ( sacrifice x% of HP to deal dmg maybe)


I want my aura back!!!
I don’t want to be a walking bubble head after this last patch.
Please fix it BIGTIME

i think fixer need more cc skills

A good idea would be to have AT LEAST another hotbar for skills and items.

Plus which stats count? the ones that are displayed on the bottom left corner when you hove over them or on the right side where the levels of skills are displayed? Different values for the same stat.

Block animation very hard to see. Plus it would be nice to be able to walk slowly to your tree/gate after being pushed around by mobs.

Heal aura is only for tanking, no passive way of sustaining your group when a time warrior can heal your complete group and mow down half the dungeon with spin2win. Heal beam still hard to hit on long range (indicator someone is in the range) needs to standing out more.
Mitigation & Acceleration Gate are not viable for anything ever if not tweaked.

FIX REND - I can only count on it if I do it mid-air and no mobs are close to me and the enemy has blue shield. it simply fails 4/5 times on purple and yellow shield and sometimes on blue shield too. Nobody is gonna run pirate/bug dungeons like this.

Strength buff from doing push-ups not consistent. Either it works or it doesn’t, but you still explain it in a video guide

There is no way to know if you are in BLOCK when something hit you while doing the BLOCK animation.
Self-canceling of instant spells by dodging or canceling by being hit (without knockback or knockdown) is not fun at all.
Either the skill is instant or you don’t cast it when sth happens … don’t just put it on CD.

How about a port-rezz with a cast and high cd for dead mates that are surrounded by enemies? Countless times have my mates been revived only to die 1 sec later. Or any utility that benefits the gameplay, the quantum fixer has an identity crisis in this game.

And if you want us to tank give us a taunt pls. Or remove the target rating reduction from the watch.
This way supporting, healing, and tanking are all weak spots of the quantum fixer.

Heal Zone skill needs double or tripple the range and extremely weak.
Superior Heal is not superior at all.
Light heal is a joke even on max.
Heal drone, does anyone even notice it healing?
Heal scaling for quantum instead magic dmg scaling would be nice
I like chain heal but if only 2 spells do some serious healing and the rest is more like decoration for your skill bar

Smite would be nice for dealing some dmg if the dmg would scale with stats.

I see only 2 ‘real world’ heal skills - heal beam and full heal
The others are just weak. And if you full heal others you can’t heal yourself in case you need to save your own butt.

Summon Decoy, someone has to explain this one to me. Is that meant to taunt or for escapes or for protecting allies?

And most important. HIGHEST LVL SHIELD for quantum is T2? weird.

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Good Notes @LowProfile hopefully they will consider this when making Improvements/Changes to the Quantum fixer before full release thank you for the well detailed post -Sneaky

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