Quests, objectives, and chores

First of all, apllause on the character designs, art, and maps.

I wanted to talk about interest and motivation.

As bigtime starts expanding and opening up quests, please make sure the quests ignight player interest so our motivation to engage and complete the quest stays strong the whole way through.

An example of a quest that sparks interest and motivation would be saving a village, rescuing allies, or conquering an enemy stronghold.

There should be some sort of story behind it, a noble and valient reason to complete the quest.

One of the biggest motivating factor for completing the quest should be the chance to roll an op item. Give us the possibility for legendary to mythic items.

Also for really hard quests, and perhaps even depending on how we complete the quests, allow us to earn a unique title, not just these nft titles that dont really mean anything, because we can get them in dungeon fights or just buy them in the open market.

Things that gamers will really care about and value are items or skins that can only be attained through difficult quests.

Objectives are small, easy missions, like, take out these enemies or get from one location to another.

Objectives are important but they dont ingite interst and motivation as much. Objectives are helpful fillers within a quest, but they should not be the meat and potatoes of a game otherwise people will lose interest and motivation.

Last there are chores. Chores make up the majority of thebgrind to a game and are all the things players hate doing but are willing to suffer to attain things like status, level, and overall wealth and power in a game.

Chores are things like gathing materials and doing repetative activities like running dungeon after dungeon to get nfts and level up.

If the bulk of the game is based on chores, the game will die.

Please ensure that there are a lot of quests, epic adventures to keep us interested and motivated to keep coming back!

Please make objectives that dont feel like chores. Align objectives with the quest and dont make it feel like you are wasting our time with busy work.

For example, if the quest is to save a village, dont make the objectives to gather 5 different types of flowers spread over the entire territory making us traverse an expanse of space over and over again wasting ojr time. This feels like busy work and disengages players.

If we are to save a village, then objectives should be more like, clear and secure this section from enemies, defeatvthe enemy leader, reclaim the wall and turrets from enemies… etc,

If there are to be chores to help fill the quest and objectives, the chores could still be made fun, like to clear enemies from a particular part ofnthe village, you need a key to open the gate that will allow you to access the area of enemies you need to clear out. The chore of getting the key makes sense and aligns with the overall quest so it is still engaging.

If you need more exaples i would be happy to find eleborate.

Whatever you do, dont make the game feel like a giant and empty chore.

Bigtime should have big quests and big excitement!


Wonderful feedback! Quests will be super fun part of Big Time and I love your ideas to make them engaging.


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