Quiero Jugar (I want to play)

Hello everyone, I want to play, but i dont now how i get a ruby pass? i can’t buy it?

hi kiito! there are a few ways to get access to the Early access right now.

  1. earning a ruby pass through giveaways.(we do these on our twitch channel as well as in our official discord server)
    discord, Big Time (Ruby Early Access)
    Twitch, Twitch
  2. purchasing a VIP pass on our official marketplace.
    Bigtime marketplace, https://bigtime.gg/
  3. purchasing a VIP pass on one of our verified 3rd party platforms.
    Opensea, https://opensea.io/BigTimeStudios?tab=created
    Binance, Big Time Studios | Binance NFT

please join our discord and voice any questions you have into their! one of our mods would be happy to assist you.