Rank jumped down after hotfix

Rank level went from rank 29 to rank 15 after hotfix.

All servers

The day before hotfix

The day before the hotfix, i joined a group and we all went into a dungeon that was located in the icy part of the map. All of us went into freefall and died upon entering. After i spawned, albert Einstein had a message for me welcoming me to bigtime like in the beginning of the last patch, he wanted me to find the portal and enter. I figured why not, i knew it was a bug since i already did this, but i didnt want it to happen again so i ported back to water town and entered.

I entered the portal Einstein wanted me to go in, not with my t3 level 25 time warrior, but with my t4 level 10 shadow blade.

When i entered my rank went down from 29 to 15.

I didnt think much of it because i thought, hey another glitch. I didnt want to do all the introductory missions so i went out.

I knew the hotfix was the next day and all the glitches were getting to me so i logged out not thinking that my reduction in rank would not be fixed.

I logged in the next day after the hotfix and now i am stuck at rank 15 on a t4 shadowblade i cant use, even though i should be rank 29 and should have access to my t3 time warrior with a rare watch.

Please help fix my rank.

Thank you.

Also here is a screen shot of my rank and watches. As you can see my rank is incorrect. I have a lvl 25 t3 tw watch and a level 24 t5 chrono, as well as other watches with different tiers and levels.

Thank you again,


making note of this. have you gotten this resolved already?

and what is your in game name?

Name in game is Yakule. Thanks for checking. I havnt logged on in days because of this bug. Ill check if it was fixed after i get home from work.

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i’ll pass your name on to the team to check into it, thankyou

It’s all logged in! Thank you for the heads up!