Rank Progression Bar

Problem you’re trying to solve
The problem i’m trying to solve for everyone is, well RANK. I’d like to see how much progress i have til my next level. It’s ideal for us to have that in game as well. It would play a key role into know like hey my next pocket watch unlocks in the next 10 minutes you know it just brings joy lol.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
Rather frustrated because I’m on my second pocket watch currently first one is 16 second is level 7 and I’m still rank 16 so I’m wondering how far the bar actually moved progress wise.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Nope that’s it. Rank progression bar.


Yes, we need it! I have thought about it more than once.

At low levels it ranks up fast and isn’t that exasperating, but at high levels it takes a long time to rank up and we don’t have any way to see progress.

In order not to repeat a progress bar the same as the experience bar again, I propose putting something like this on the inventory screen:

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Hey @EverythingButDrama! Thanks for the suggestion, I logged this in for the team to discuss!

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Currently, each rank takes the same exp as the equivalent pocket watch level. So, if you had one pocket watch, and leveled it up all the way to level 50, your rank would also be 50.

Keep in mind though, each level does not require the same amount of exp. Going from level 9 → 10 takes more exp than 8 → 9 for example. This is why if you level up two pocket watches to level 5, your rank will not be 10. In other words if you add up all the exp you need to get two pocket watches to level 5, it’s less than what you need to get a pocket watch (or your rank) to get to level 10 because the exp scales up each level

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