Rare Boss Spawns in Dungeons

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Make Dungeons More Fun to Run Over and Over

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Currently we run Dungeons for leveling up, upgrading our items and NFTs. In public release the focus will shift from farming NFTs to leveling up and upgrading our items. I think we can make dungeons much more addictive and fun to run by adding Rare Boss Spawns.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Adding Rare Bosses to the end of Dungeons would make them super fun. This could be done without adding anything new.

  • Rare Boss Spawns after Dungeon is Cleared 10-20% of the time.
  • After killing the last mob, instead of saying Mission Completed, it would say “King Tank Bug has Spawned!”
  • Boss would spawn in front of the dungeon portal going out, or simply in the spot the last mob was killed.
  • Boss would be a big version of the featured mob in the dungeon (Giant Tank Bug, Clockie, Dinosaur etc.)
  • Boss would have a special name, like “King Tank Bug” for example.
  • Boss would be alone so we can get the experience of fighting a single target battle. (fighting lots of mobs at once is fun, but we have that, we need a hard solo fight)
  • Boss would have more HP, hit harder, and possibly have a unique mechanic that would add a level of skill to defeating him.
  • If the Boss can not path to the players in the dungeon, he would “Summon” everyone in front of him. This way there is no “path bugging” the boss to make him an easy kill.
  • When defeated, the boss would drop at least 1 Rare Item and have a higher chance to drop the higher rarity items. Boss would drop loot in the form of a chest, like the other chests that are found in the world and dungeons, so the loot comes flying out of the chest when opened.
  • After defeating the boss, it would say “Mission Complete” as normal and you have the time to collect your loot.

Running dungeons for NFT’s is cool, but with low drop rates on NFTs now, we will need something else to “hunt” and give us excitement. The excitement from seeing that a “King Tank Bug has spawned!” after clearing a dungeon every 5-10 times would be super fun and addicting.

Upgrading items will be the main source of replay value for the game with the lower NFT drops so this would be perfect for that. Imagine a Legendary item flying out of the Chest that drops from the Rare Boss. Could also add loot than can ONLY be found from rare bosses. I would run dungeons non stop hunting loot from Rare Bosses!



This would absolutely be a great idea and should also be applied to the open world. The first Final Fantasy online did this with NMs (Nefarious Monsters). I remember running an open world zone for weeks trying to find the “Leaping Lizard”. Defeating him meant the player would be given a chance to receive it’s rare drop. What a rush when I finally was able to find and defeat him to receive the “Leaping Lizzy Boots”!


I agree 100%. Rare Spawns in Open world would be amazing. Especially if they were part of quests, dropped special loot, rare items, rare crafting materials, whatever to make them special so people wanted to hunt for them.

I remember this in EverQuest and it made running around the world soooooo much fun hunting for a Rare Spawn you knew spawned in a certain area… I hunted a Flying Griffon for like a week in EQ and when I finally found it, it was the most rewarding/exciting feeling ever. I used the feather it dropped to craft some boots that made me faster. It was amazing and I never forgot that experience!



Hi very good idea
With 999999 hp the boss

Tickets upload in Jira with all this info, to be reviewed.

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Thanks Ivan! One thing I forgot to mention is we would also love rare spawns inside the dungeon. Not just rare boss spawns, but also normal mobs that are Rare Spawns as you are running through the dungeon completing objectives.

For example, when running through dungeons, there could be Rare Slimes that have a chance at spawning. Possibly 3-5 different color slimes with all the same model, Green Slime, Red Slime, and Silver Slime. Green Slime could spawn 20% of the time, Red Slime 10% and Silver Slime 5% for example. (Maybe add a super rare one like a Gold Slime that spawns 1% of the time)

Rare Slimes could drop something special depending on the color/rarity. Maybe Green Slime, it drops 3 uncommon items, Red Slime drops a Rare item and Silver Slime drops an Epic item. With all of them having a higher chance to drop higher rarity items. Basically, just better loot tables than the normal mobs so they are exciting to find and kill while running through dungeons.

Same concept as the Rare Boss Spawns pretty much, but they are normal mobs found randomly inside the dungeons as you go through them over and over. This would for sure add to the fun of running dungeons.

Super appreciate the reply and confirmation it will be reviewed. Anyone I talk to about this loves it, so I hope your team will love it as well. Slimes were just an example, could be anything!


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Yeah, I add a comment saying that it would be nice after completing X objective to get one of these random ones, or Rare Bosses. Gonna add this too to the previous ticket, thanks for all the ideas !

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