Report player for smurfing

I invite this guy at level 20 and then he changes his pocketwatch as soon as he enters the dungeon, because obviously the game allows him to exploit the system, as you can change pocketwatch before entering the three.
Can we ban this guy? Unbelievable that people are so upfront about leeching this way

Problem you’re trying to solve
A guy is leeching/smurfing, ban him PERMANENTLY

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
I need to be able to manage the team from inside the dungeon, no idea why i can’t kick players from inside the dungeon…

I’m not the player but i think it’s normal to change the pocket watches in dun. Especially currently not many people aren’t low level because Devs didn’t reset this time.

Anyway the system of the game is allow to players changing roles, and might be the pocket watch is stronger than his previous one.

However, need kick system in Dungeon.

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Seriously? If you start an open party just expect players trying to level up their watches, especially if they already have a high rank. But I agree that the PW leveling system is just wrong and disrespectful towards players times. Once they enable XP transfer between PWes this kind of player behavior will end.

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Other users

that i screenshoted some weeks ago, but didnt care too much about reporting, now i do

Seriously yes, if you get invited at level 30 and switch to level 10 inside the dungeon, that is clearly the definition of a leech, not like people “want to level up their pocket watches”, they only want to get carried as always

Once again, the solution is PW xp transfer IMO. I think you should be able to transfer a certain amount of XP to any PW you loot based on your rank, that should fix this issue (and many others). Also on top of that squad size should be reduced to 5 or even 4 so that all members would be forced to participate in the fight with their best gear.