REQUEST: Add Total Player Sums to Either Root Regions or Per Server With Dungeon Counts

Player counts don’t look great right now because users are connected to dungeon servers, not the overworld which is the displayed player count.

Can we do either:

Return a new sum (or split)including both overworld and instanced users per server {overworld} {dungeon}
---ALPHA 49/100 (11)
---BETA 25/100 (23)
---CHARLIE 5/100 (6)

OR if not possible due to a region being one pool of shared resources:

Display a sum (or split) on the root region levels.
-NA EAST (119)
---ALPHA 49/100
---BETA 25/100
---CHARLIE 5/100

People get better data. Your numbers go up. Everyone wins.

I realize it’ll add some delay to region display while it enumerates and calculates, but the gist of the ask is in.

Perhaps the server counts can be centrally polled via a middleman that does all the enumeration every n second or something to shed all that end user load, and make the menu instantly responsive? Just an idea.


I like this idea. Would be really helpful to understand better the global population in servers.