Request for Info on SPACE Utility

Problem you’re trying to solve
SPACE Sale was launched in Dec 2021 and the Exalted SPACE sale was in Mar 2022 but their functionality, process flows are still unclear.

Greatly appreciate if the Team can provide more info of the following:

Attributes and Decoration

  1. When we first “unwrap” the SPACEs, we will be able to select the attributes like themes, interior walls and exits. If we were to change any of them later, we can only do that by purchasing them in the marketplace?
  2. There are images of the SPACE interiors and they consist of furniture and wall features, do they come together with the theme OR do we purchase them separately? If so, are they considered as nfts as well?
  3. What do the themes consist of? Can we have different themes for each SPACEs?
  4. Twitter post on 3 Dec 2021 indicated we can use the SPACEs to conduct commerce and trade, and it shown an image of the interior of SPACE. Does that mean we have our own marketplace within our SPACE that is linked to our accounts which allow other players to visit, view the nfts in the SPACE and trade directly with us? Do we need sockets for that?
  5. To install Forge, we need 3 sockets. Do we need sockets to display our nfts within the SPACE?
  6. Can we store our non-nfts items like pocket watches, gears in SPACEs and do we require sockets to do that OR this function is only present in our Time Machine which we will all receive.

Forges, Armouries & Time Warden

  1. Will they drop in game OR do we only purchase them in the marketplace?
  2. Each of them has a rarity. Can we install Epic Forge in Exalted SPACE and the installed Epic Forge can only craft and create Epic nfts OR only Exalted Forge can be installed and used in Exalted SPACE?
  3. Can we upgrade the rarity of Forges, Armouries & Time Warden? OR can we upgrade the rarity of the mystery boxes?
  4. Some SPACE holders including myself own multiple SPACEs and are concerned about not able to have enough Forges, Armouries & Time Wardens for our SPACEs. Will there be a limited number of Forges, Armouries and Time Wardens?
  5. Will non-guild SPACE holders with Time Wardens, create and refill the hour glass for other non-guild players?
  6. Is there a limit to the number of hour glass created by a Time Warden?
  7. Are there rarities for hour glass which can only be used by a specific Time Warden rarity?
  8. Can we only purchase hour glass from the marketplace OR will they drop in game OR both?

Renting of SPACEs

  1. We can rent the SPACEs out to other players, must they be in the same guild? Will the SPACE will be ‘disconnected’ from the rest of our SPACEs and the tenant will hold them and use them as they are fit in exchange of the tokens?
  2. If we have SPACEs but do not have Forges, Armouries or Time Wardens, can SPACE holders rent them from other players, to have them installed in our SPACEs Or how we can share both our resources?
  3. If we have Armoury in our SPACE, can we rent out just the Armoury to guild and non guild players and not the SPACE?

I am not requesting for the full economy structure of the SPACEs like the number of tokens generated by Time Wardens, time periods for crafting, cost of tokens to speed up crafting etc. I am requesting for how the SPACEs will work, and the requirements for the different functions. I hope you can clarify on them. Thank you.


Great questions. I heard sockets were removed from spaces tho :frowning: cant find the vid but was said in the last stream

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correct gootsy was stated last night on twitch stream with buck. Waiting for more info this next week

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