REQUEST: Turn Bags Into Regular Items

Simple concept. Ditch the convoluted special bag handling, and allow users to pickup multiple bags as regular inventory items, sell them, buy them, and give them to others. Much like WoW.


I agree. It’s absurd to need 20 strength to carry a bag (where warriors have an easier time than chonomancers, for example).
It is also absurd to need a bag hole to pick one up, I think we have all suffered the same. Stopping in the middle of a dungeon to empty a bag and pick up a better one (there is a clueless person who tried to pick up the bag without having enough skill and wasted time for nothing)

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I don’t entirely disapprove of the stat requirements as the bags scale. Since there’s no player level minimum requirements, the skill requirements serve the same purpose.

That said, my proposal would still allow you to pick up and carry the bag as a regular item in your inventory, much in the same way that you can pickup armor which you cannot equip due to skill requirements.

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Yeah the bags mechanics need to be change. Really painfull how it is now.

If you have a lot of loot with you and want to upgrade a bag you now need to :

  • drop all your item from the bag you wanna let go
  • drop your old bag
  • retake your old bag then all your items, because you drop it over this new shinny one, and can’t take it as it’s all the things you just dropped
  • move away from the new bag
  • drop your items and the old bag again
  • get the new bag
  • get all your item back from the floor

@Cisco proposal would solve this no sense in a easy and nice way


Thats what happened to me by luck to try to drop old bag and pick up better one. And before that luck, i passed better bag many time not knowing that i can switch it in a middle of dungeon fight…so my party members suffer from mobs…

I agree. Adding my support in feedback format:

Problem you are trying to solve:
Bags not a regular inventory item.

How you currently feel about this In-game and how you think it can be improved:
Nothing worse than having a bag drop with awesome stats on it only to see that you must leave it siting on the ground because you are 1 or 2 levels away from being able to equip it. We don’t do this for any other types of drops, why do this for bags? Make them the same as any other drop!

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience:
Allow bags to be picked up into regular inventory (not just bag slots) just like other drop items. Make them so they can’t be used until they can be equipped in the bag slot once requirements are met just like any other item.

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Unfortunately it is now way way worse.

Come back Cisco, you’ll be amazed how much they fcked the game this time :joy::joy::joy: