Reset Skill points algorism is WRONG

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Here’s the current algo of the skill points reset :
new skill points = SUM ( old skill points )
The current implementation is working properly only in case there is no others bugs making some skills point disappears or new one to appear

As the skill points total number SHOULD ALWAYS correspond to pocket watch level,
the solution to this 6 month old bug could get fix by changing the algo of a skill reset to the following :
skills points = current pocket watch lvl


Present since gold pass.


After the update 0.22, I figured that I lost the 10 points I put into my “Two handed hammer mastery” ability right on my first login after the update, without doing any actions at all.

I tried to do a reset hopping I could get these points back but it appeared that there is no way to have my skill points back.

Here’s what I tried without success :

  • reset without changing any things
  • removing the gear which provide me the weapon mastery subtree
  • reset again
  • add back the gear with weapon mastery
  • reset again
  • max “Two handed hammer mastery” ability
  • reset again

This root cause of this bug ( described in BUG section :point_up_2: ) is present since day on and lead to infinite skills points exploit and player skills points missing mentioned here :
which have been spoke about a few time already :


after update my gear skill is reset and all skill point is gone. so sad to leveling new pocket :cry:

Hey! I’ve put in the extra info for the team! Thank you!