Reset the game when Ruby joins

Even though i love my own 600 intellect chronomancer, i think it would be awesome if we had a full reset when ruby joins the game. So everyone is equal, the new people who join, has experienced players to teach them how the game works.

The majority of gold and prolly also silver players are already inactive asF, and those who are left, runs with the same high level ppl all the time.

Im afraid that this will leave all the new ppl left alone.

Also theres is nothing more to do in this game, when you have been farming the high level dungeons day in and out for ages. Since theres noooooo challenge in it anymore. Its like impossible to wipe in this game when you have played for a long time.

And ofc, this will never happen, coz everyone would cry like babies, NO I USED SOOOO MUCH TIME ON LEVELING, I WILL QUT IF IT RESETS ;D

Anyway this is what i think.


I love this idea and it would be a great thing to test as well from a dev side. I mean, there will be a reset when the game is officially released but imho, it would a good idea to make this massive reset first once the Ruby Pass season starts so you (devs team) can check what happens when performing an action like this and if you’re really prepared for reseting everyone’s accounts.

I’m mentally prepared to play again from scratch, it would be so funny! :smiley:

I mean if they did do this the few people that are still grinding out NFTs would probably quit playing, it would just be another reason to wait for global launch.

Its a way to see…
Do you know the game the way it is now its made for tests, right?
Since even drop rate/nft drop will be set up for normal to everyone why not having everything like that too?

Lots of gold/silver just messing around with some parties, they join with low level pocket and change to a higher one just to solo it and leave people behind with nothing.

Having it reset could bring joy to everyone playing the game.
The ones leaving are the ones that thinks they can get lambo ina day or two…
Its a game not a job… want money? find a job.

Resetting would help with the testing


we can carry 4 newbies in 52 and still crush, u either play with new ppl or u dont, even after a reset the veterans will group up and advance faster.

If you want to educate the new players take the time to do so!


But this “game” has no content, by the time you hit lvl30 you basically would have tested out every ability for your class (unless you are not a gamer and need more time/help) , after that you are just playing for what exactly? Level? gets reset. NFTs? Fair… What else is there honestly? its a repetitive dungeon farmer currently. I have faith it will be modified and updated before launch.

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Although this may sound like a good idea, it’s not possible. They told people there would be a reset on Public Release not during Ruby. Doing a reset in Ruby would outrage the majority of the player base, it simply can not happen.



Anything is possible. Part of early access is also testing the game prior to full launch, so wipes, however unlikely, are never out of the question.

I do dig it when the community takes more ownership over creating a better experience for new players. At the end of the day, anyone serious about playing this game and/or the value of their NFTs is going to be focused on doing whatever they can to help this game have as large an audience as possible.

We’re in this together :slight_smile:


If a reset is decided on, please ask the team to give players notice before hand in form of a news update in the game client, warning them it will happen. Team has to remember these “testers” are also the early investors who made all this possible and should be treated as such.

Remember that only a small percentage of players read all the discord messages, forums posts or medium articles. Only true way to communicate with the player base is through a news feed in the game client. Just my 2 cents on that to avoid backlash/confusion bigger than the mystery box.



Couldnt have said it better man :slight_smile:

Can I ask a few things in a rude way please?

  • why the devs don’t say a single word about this issue? It’s happening at least since silver pass.
    The response via CS is very vague- you don’t actually know if it will be resolved or not. Why not just say how it is and what we can do about that from now on?
    Because the problem is… Getting to 40+ ain’t easy, takes a long time to get there, add on top you need to open a ticket, wait for response then keep waiting and guessing what to do, it feels bad definitely but a few words from the dev team can do so much more tbh… All of that withholding of information and all tge unclear stuff… Does we deserve that as an early supporters?
    Or maybe it’s just me I don’t know
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Nvm… Thought it was about the pocket watch reset that accursed to some people.

Anyways… I’m up for it!!!
And honestly, I really think it should be like that… Like all to have a reset because nothing trully matters when ruby come in right?
The NFTs really doesn’t matter at that stage, progress and stats will reset at the end of EAL anyways so why not make a fresh start for everyone so we can focus on more feedback and building a stronger community.
If not… High lvl players will just play with high lvl players or they will just speed rush the whole thing leaving new players even more confused than they were before

I suggest every new player should join Guild.
Normally guild member will help you Leveling up and explain the game play.
Also easily to get full party.

Unfortunately BT is the game for guild. Their priority is making strong guilds.
That why they sold the Space NFTs to guild before the first space sale.

Don’t wanna be harsh but there’s only 1 problem that I have with this comment and this is to deal with the word “SHOULD”.
BigTime is trying to reach a wide scale audience, not a specific niche type thing like say for example guilds… No one should or have to or must join a guild, you can’t force ppl to so so because then ppl will just go away and you’ll lose audience.
Imo a good game is a game that have a variety of play styles within itself and not just 1 type of approach + there are ppl that well… Don’t wanna join a guild at all because of maybe life, commitments, just don’t like that way… Maybe they are more up to stuff like playing solo and listening to music for like 3hrs to have some relief after work.

In that note… Who are you or who are me to judge them? I don’t need to force them or say “this game is only for guilds” - they’ll just run away or find another project.
In order for BigTime to be BIG, it must reach a wide range of audiences from all types and we may not judge there way of playing just because nothing good can come out of it on the other side.

  • we’ve all seen how it ends up when projects like this (p2e genre) try to reach a a specific type of audience, never ends up being a good idea.

Dont reset. If there is a reset, reset the levels not our items. There is such a small player base right now and i go out of my way to help anyone understand the mechanics of the game, from items, stats, subtrees and more.

Ive never met anyone in any mmorpg that enjoyed the idea of their items that they worked so hard for vanishing to cater to new people joining the game.

Fact is, lots of people payed a ridiculous amount of money to play this game early without any knowledge the possibility of their items wohld be wiped upon global release. It wasnt published anywhere!

Ive met many players here who dont even care about nfts and just want to casually play the game. These people are completely infatuated and proud of their items.

There are a lot of people here who when they found out that items may be wiped have lost all motivation to keep playing.

It doesnt take that long to understand the game, especially with nice people helping… but it takes dedication, passion and love to grind at a repetitive game like this for items that you end up caring about more than the money you paid for early access.

The people I talk to could care less about some fantasized equal global launch. Its not real. We paid good money to play early, and so what if we get early access to nft drops… the real gamers wanted early access to grind and find items.

Think about it. On global launch not everyone in the world who will ever play bigtime will start playing all at once. There will be waves of people that come and go. There wont be a reset everytime a new group of people start playing.

I didnt start world of warcraft until 5 years after it came out. They didnt reset the game for me. There are people who are early, like us, and people who will come late… dont punish us early folk just because we are the brave few who spent mini fortunes on early access by whiping our hard earned items… and its not like we payed for them! We played and earned them… we EARNED them just like we earned the nfts.

Items are just as much instanced and rng as nfts, so they should be ours, period.


I know but… the game is kinda for guilds.
I like to be solo but you know there aren’t much thing in the dungeon.

Also Devs are making guild system for them.

AMA also said that it will be hard to get NFT from Official launch. So if they wanna get they might need to buy NFT from Guilds…….

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I second this comment. This nails it right on the head. The grinded for items are JUST AS IMPORTANT, if not more so, than the NFT’s for a lot of people. We paid with our time. Time IS money.

I have a Jade Pass, have played every day- probably over 150 hours . I didn’t acquire my first two NFT’s until yesterday! There’s no way in heck I’m getting R.O.I. on the $600 Jade Pass that way. It’s 100% impossible.

Take the levels away, no one cares about that. The ROI is on the items. If you take the items away, then what did I invest my time and money in? Nothing. What does that make me? Someone who forked out $600 to beta test a glitch-filled game?

Believe me, a lot of veterans of the game will feel this way. They’ll flood the market with their NFT’s and quit. I’ve already heard people saying it.


If the game is just for guilds then kiss millions of causal players goodbye. Have fun selling nfts to the 800 or so guild members that may make up the total inn game population.

This game cannot be niche specific, it will die.

We need mass adoption. The majority of people I talk to do not want to join a guild. Guilds get too big and impersonal.

People want to play at their own time and at their own pace. Most people, especially gamers want to connect and relate to a small group of people, not feel like a number in some massive guild churning out nfts.

For some of you who have the luxury, you can grind 8 hours a day for 4 days and get your items. Others it will take weeks or months.

Do not do a reset.

The little momentum that this game has will be lost… and lost forever.

We, the actual gamers, not investors or speculators will spread the word and get other actual gamers to join… not crypto people who want to make money, but gamers who want to play an actual fun game.

If this game aims to be exclusive and cater to only guilds and investors then say goodbye to mass adoption and any earning potential, not to mention any possibility of fun in this game.

I hope everyone knows there is 100% going to be a reset for Public Release. This was always the plan and not hidden by the team.

This thread is about doing a reset for Ruby, which I think if they do that, it will anger many people but if they have to do it, they need to give some advanced warning in a news feed in the game client so people don’t just log in and have nothing with no heads up.

It seems many people didn’t know there would be a reset for Public Launch which is unfortunate.


to find out, you have to say it and above all you have to say it before buying the gold pass on binance and not mark that it is early access to get ahead before the game is released
what is your pass for?
you pay to start from scratch and what comes into the game for free will have a little more chance of winning better things on this account I don’t buy gold vip the slow response and the lack of communication
person on the forum who gives a point of view apart from the updates of the forum of buck
at some point you’re going to have to take on these bigtime responsibilities

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