Solo-Queue is not fun when you die once you have to start all over.

Would like to see something like this. Below:

If all player-controlled characters are killed in an explorable area and there are no henchmen nor heroes traveling with the party who are capable of resurrection, then a timer until resurrection will begin. Once the timer reaches zero the entire party (both living and dead characters) will vanish and reappear at the nearest resurrection shrine. Henchmen and heroes who were still alive will retain their current health and energy levels, but resurrected characters will come back to life with full health and energy. There is no limit to the number of times this can happen, except in Hard Mode. In Hard Mode, the entire party will be returned to the outpost if every member reaches the maximum of -60% Death Penalty.

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We don’t have solo-queue, and the game isn’t tuned for soloing. That will come later, but the current focus is on making the group experience as entertaining as possible.