Ruby Boss Rooms not as Fun

Problem you’re trying to solve
I love the Ruby updates and new missions, but I am finding that the Boss Rooms are not nearly as fun as they were in Jade.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
Boss rooms should be the MOST fun part of the dungeon. Considering you do all the work to get to them, right now they are certainly falling flat.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
I think the easy solution is just let us clear the whole boss room like we did in Jade. For some reason we only need to kill 5 target mobs in the Boss Room and then everything else dies. I think we should have to kill all the target mobs so we can go through the whole boss room so it takes longer and we can have fun like we did before. Ideally boss room target mobs should drop better loot. If that means lowering the drop rates on regular dungeon mobs to compensate, it would be a worthwhile trade off.


Seems like everyone wants the original boss rooms back. Flowers can have the updated mechanics, but we all want the Tank Bugs, the Dinosaurs and the Clockie Boss Rooms back.

Tank Bug boss rooms were the most fun clearing 50-70 tank bugs and having a slightly higher chance at an NFT. Could add a higher chance for rare loot and Artifact Fragments to boss room special target mobs and let us clear the whole room like before. Could also add a chest that spawns when the boss room is cleared that we open and get loot from as a reward. Those would be fun boss rooms after doing so much work to get to them!

Also don’t forget about Rare Spawns in Boss Rooms, those would be the knock out punch to making dungeons super fun to run over and over. Thread with details on that here:


Hi Blazo. I just uploaded an improvement ticket with the boss room request. The other one already has been loaded. Thanks!


Let’s mark this as solved as there are many plans to spruce up the boss rooms in the near future.

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