Ruby Pass Moved to July (Not What You Think)

None of this post is sarcasm - I am dead serious:

Ruby Pass being moved to July is the correct decision. Period.
The players coming into the game during Ruby Pass MUST BE IMPRESSED and have enough content to entertain them for the next 2-4 months before we see global launch.

The last thing BigTime should do is prematurely open up the game to essentially free-to-play players before it is ready. They would simply lose interest of the most important players while they are finalizing the full game.

Please continue to front load delays to before Ruby until you have a better plan to retain players during the extended Ruby period. It is the much better option vs. having a lackluster Ruby Period that drags on for months.


This was the best news I have heard in a while. Absolutely the right decision. There are some core issues that need to be addressed before the masses of free to play gamers come in and get a first impression. Congrats to the team on this one, you did the right thing!



I was happy with that decision too. There’s plenty of room to improve before we address the masses, but hey, great things take time. Can’t wait for Big Time to be BIG


The game has way too many flaws right now to let thousands of rubys join, and the servers are worse than ever. If they let ruby join now, it would be total meltdown. So thumbs up for this decision. Smartest move in a loooooong time from bigtime.

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yup servers need to be stable but don’t expect any major changes in content. See you in july time warriors

I am extremely happy with the decision to hold out on the launch of ruby, As you said Big time needs to be able to retain what is essentially free-to-players with at least 2-4 months of entertainment so they can prepare for global launch. The team should take the time they need and move forward when they feel its at a good point and like you said


They will sure add a lot of stuff in public launch and this is pre alpha. After ruby,there is public launch and they need to be prepared for it. A lot of new stuff will be added to the game. They should take their time.

Latest news is that Ruby pass will start on 14 July.