Ruby passes, too many being given away?

Am i the only one worried about bigtime giving away sooooo god damn many ruby passes, along with ALL the streamers who gets endless amounts of them, to get more viewers in their streams?

I get that we want to get as many new people into this game, but guys, 90 % of these ruby players have no interest what so ever in this game, they are here to get nfts, which they put on marketplace like 20 secs after they loot them, undercutting price no matter how low things are.

My biggest fear about this is not only do they crash the market prices, but as soon as the full game launches, and there will be almost no more nfts dropping, they will all say goodbye, and go look for a new game to crash and get money from.

Is this really what you want from your game? and do you really think this is positive for the people who are heavily invested into this project, that their investments gets closer and closer towards to 0.

Id say stop this giveaway and make ruby passes cost like 30-50 dollars, so we at least get a few players, who actually wants to play the game, instead of killing it…

And just to make it clear, i am not one of the ones who have invested alot of money into space, but if i were, i would be freaking pissed with how the game has turned from a success to this downfall due to both bad decisions with patches, and all the free passes.


I along with so many other people who once love the game and its potential have been led down due their poor decisions and their lack of transparency with literally everything this studio is doing. Their nfts are practically worthless, those that currently invested and for those who are thinking of investing, two words - be cautious. Unless they make the game more fun, adhere to their timelines and actually consider those who care and invested in the game, this is gonna be a hella of a shit show. And they have the balls to do another sale? Those spaces are practically useless without the utilities, slots not being a thing? gosh… everyone i know that bought space bought it because of those slots… and yes, Ruby passes… seem like the ultimate investment, if all of us knew, how stupid were we to invest thousands on a god damn pass when we can actually play on a free pass which drops the same if not more due to the never ending delays. And where’s Ari ? barely see him involve at all. All we can do is hope that bigtime get their shit together with transparency and not get some dudes to keep doing AMAs in a hope to satisfy legit concerns with free passes to people with only one thing in mind -unknowingly devaluing everything Bigtime has built. Bigtime, if you are seeing this, get your act together, we want you to succeed, but the way things are playing out, your losing everyone.


  1. the game will be free to play anyway eventually.
  2. The collectibles (not NFTs btw) are limited in number so prices will eventually bottom
  3. Adoption will drive prices up, but for that to happen new players will have to join, obviously
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They said that current nfts are ea exclusive so there will probably be new ones in the launch

It is still in the game’s interest to have as many players as it possibly can. Even if nft prices go down speculators can just buy the dip. From a player adoption perspective lower prices are actually better

Lack of transparency? - I beg to differ.

Poor decisions with literally everything? - I also beg to differ again.

I’ve made some suggestions for the pass giveaways. I acknowledge that it’s a little crazy right now.

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  1. Why was there 2nd space sale? Why the excessive free Ruby pass? Why space slots not a thing anymore? Why are legendaries dropping INSANE during ruby pass ? Ruby on your advertised chart is a week, why extend it for months? EA pass holders bought pass to get advantage as advertised, why so many poor resets? Why can’t we switch PW anymore in dungeons, isn’t that the fun part of BIGTIME? What’s with the mystery box with all the utilities, why the gambling approach? What happen to the postcard collectibles that is not reflected at all in the latest timeline ? What does it mean “invite” only beta, who qualifies to be invited?

Do i need to say more? You guys advertise and sell your products and don’t adhere to timelines, that’s fine, but you suddenly change, and thats fine, but your not being transparent with these changes, there’s no explanation - all you say is make a fun game. God, look at people dumping these worthless nfts, and look at the guilds, no one’s playing.

Well the ruby players are playing ;D but ONLY coz big time is giving them legendaries and epics like it was free candy, all the legendaries and epics they screwed ppl over with not dropping in gold and silver, to the ppl who paid so much to play :smiley:

The worst part is, that 95 % of these money farming ruby players will leave this game, when there is no more nfts dropping, or at full launch, where so few will be dropping. Im kinda amazed, that bigtime does not even see a problem in this, and how they screw the ones who have paid for them to be able to make this game a reality.


They “answer” to screwing it up in gold was, here is a mystery box for you all, there is 3500 of each. and that was also broken as shit. there was not even 3500 active players in gold and silver all together, and even us who played 16+ hours a day, got maximum 1 out 3 mystery boxes. I really loved this game, and yes i still play it. But the game is starting to be one big joke right now.

Ruined the bossrooms and the only real fun in the game ( tank bossroom)

giving us 5 marked targets shit rooms, when they noticed too many nfts still dropping, they added small bugs as market targets, to ruin even more of the fun.

They added soul drain mission, which has been bugged since day 1, and they have done NOTHING to fix it, like most else in this game, not fixing anything important.

The way this game is run right now, no matter how much potential it has, there is no future.

I think we are alot of ppl here, who are sitting with this feeling inside, that the one in charge of updates what to add, remove or fix, has no Fking clue what he/she is doing.

We have good people like Buck who is fighting the player databases case here, but he also answers to bigtime as he works for them, and ofc he also has to defend them, no matter what they do.


yes, it’s unfortunate. All of the nft projects i’ve been in actually takes care of their early investors to ensure a healthy start for the overall COMMUNITY. Bigtime clearly dosent believe in building that community, it has screwed everything for them, majority has left, even dumping at a loss, they are done with thier constant amateurish screwups. If there’s any light that bigtime has over other the competition, it will be their mistakes. Hopefully their wealth of silly mistakes will help them learn and grow to do things right and better. Things cant go on like that, otherwise like you said… turn out to one bigtime joke.

Nobody is playing this game RN for fun. Some play it out curiosity, some for profit, some to minimize their losses - but this is an alpha release, so the game by definition is not meant to be played for fun. You just have to incentivize players to join somehow. Also I think ruby pass holders has lower chances to get epic/legendary collectibles.

No ruby seems to have extra luck… all of the ruby players we play with consistently get 2x the nfts we do