Server died, and no one in team is able to log into any servers again

We are 6 ppl playing together from guild, we were running on AP EAST, server died, and we got dced.

Ever since ( 15 min now) we get server forced disconnect all of us, no matter which server we try to join.

We have relogged out acc, signed in again, restarted game client and pcs. All 6 players get the same error over and over and over again.

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<Over 30 mins now, none of the 6 are able to log in anymore.

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Still locked out. “Broker failed”

Hours lost gaming/streaming is not a good experience

Its deff not a good sell of the game, when 4 of the most active people and streamers in the game show this on livestream ;D

And the response time on their support, man ;D still nothing.