Server Forced Disconnect

Experiencing similar issues with this error. Can wait up to 30-45 mins just for it to sort itself out.

Tried every server, same error appears, booted out immediately. Attached is just a small clip of the multiple errors trying to enter the game.

background noise is the game frying my machine. hope this gets fixed too.

Many of us experienced this multiple times. I experience it at least once daily. There is nothing we can do but wait since it is server issue. My longest waiting time was a few hours, shortest was about 3 attempts to log back on. This error is indeed a challenger for my level of patience haha

i think its time we have some explanation on this. Anyone can run the root cause analysis on this?

I can be keep press “play” and “ok”(broker failed) until i eventually logged in. (already done it for 1.5h previously, cant say i like the experience)