Several exit on the Time Machine / PPU?

Since i have not find the information in the SPACE AMAs, i would like to make a suggestion about EXITS.

It would be awesome to have several exits on the Time Machine (Personal Pocket Universe). Of course, those exits would ONLY be used to connect SPACE (impossible to place a NFT utility on those exit)
β†’ That way, no body would lose any exit on their SPACE.

On a cosmetics point of view, I think that with the actual Exit system, if there is only one exit on the time machine, it will look like a maze.
In my humble opinion, it would look more efficient and appealing to have several exit on the PPU to build it more like a Castle.

Hope this suggestions will be took in consideration by the team.
Have fun and happy loot to everyone :3



i believe this was already talked about and the amount was 3… I could be mistaken however

Interesting suggestion, but based on recent AMAs they are about to announce how items are upgraded and the utility sale. Point is… I think the decision is made about how Space will work.