Shadowblade Backstab Problem

Hello i think the monsters in game need change some times the monsters walk in reverse and is to much compicated put the Skill Backstab for the shadowblade, include if i use the sustitute with taunt when i go to the monster he turn arround and dont give me his back. Thanks in advance

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this isnt a problem it is a feature… get better at your class…

is a problem for use, not a bug, is a problem for all shadowblade, for that i cant see a lot of this clase

something being hard isnt a problem. hahah if you have agro as a shadowblade you are playing wrong

dont work whit agro the monster give the face , and not the back

nah you must be terrible at games then. monsters agro to a person… just the case… sorry you have a hard time playing a game that isnt hard… maybe try the game my little ponies? no nfts but way easier

i dont know who are you but you dont know me and i play a lot games in may life , and this is a problem fo this clase if you dont play shadowblade is you problem, i level this character twice into lvl 20 and i know what i talk. and if you not are part of the developers dont comment my post i dot care your opinion

anybody that plays shadowblade well doesnt use backstab… mindblown… once again learn nub

bla bla bla… i dont care your opinion bro get a life

words of the poor and stupid hahaha

i think you have 3 years old, i repeat i dont care your opinion

I do have a 3 year old… how did you know??

I guess since you comment on a post that it was created to help improve the game, just insulting and annoying

i commented on a horrible idea from a person who obviously has no logic so the team doesnt waste their time appeasing the stupid masses…and i enjoy reminding myself how stupid most of humanity is i guess

you know how spend yopur time life, nice. the only horrible idea was your opinion bro, i dont go to replicate again, i dont want waste my time in you

And this is why we need forum moderators. This will happen until we have people to take care of this community and clean things up. Trolls going to run this forum soon if not.



I’m not using the Backstab anymore because now I’m a trapper :bomb: but before when I was also using the combo Backstab + Shaped Charge, I also noticed about this issue. It feels weird because when you lose the aggro, the monsters go to the new target but they aren’t facing the new target, they still look at you and they walk doing the Moonwalk :joy:

If I ever see this again, I will share a screenshot or a video.

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Kloom i get your frustrations man.

I dont want to tell you how to play your character, but in case you dont know, shadowblades are absolute crazy with using shaped charge, oiltrap and explosive traps.

WIth a good shadowblade, you never need an tank in your team ever again :slight_smile:

thanks for all the comments, this issue happen include when we are invisible the monster can see you but dont attack, i hope this can change in the future. Regards for all