Should the game be delayed?

I made a post in the general chat about how the devs should delay the game. Just pause the game and spend time on optimization so that the people like myself who paid money to play the game and earn NFTs can do so in a much more smooth and enjoyable process.

I’m not sure if this would do more harm than good but it’s what I personally believe would be for the best. I also think from a community perspective, this would allow people the mental space to concoct ideas and feedback about how to make the game more fun, dynamic, and unique. It would allow room for a more positive community to be built instead of leaving us feeling frustrated time and time again due to the fact that a majority of the time, there’s at least 1 person in a group of 6 that’s experiencing issues.

YES! Large Web2 games DO have issues. And sometimes there are entire days where we cannot play that game or there is emergency maintenance because some game breaking mechanic is being abused or whatever the case may be… it happens. And that’s the whole point. It’s okay for BigTime to be experiencing such issues. We’d be fools to expect a perfect experience during alpha. But the problem that I’m having is that the issues are so bad, we can hardly play the game. So, again, I’m asking, would you guys think it to be a good idea to delay things?

If the team told us that they needed a month before optimization would be complete, would you be okay with waiting that long?

Thanks for any and all thoughts shared on this matter. Cheers guys.