Silver drop rates are too low

feedback from our guild is people are playing 8-10 hours and only getting 1 uncommon NFT, this is way lower than it should be. Silver access is only 2 week which means at best you might get 20-30 NFT grinding all day every day which translates to a huge loss for people that bought passes.

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Silver access is 3 weeks and yes, the drop rate decreased from INSANE to MEGA. During the INSANE phase, people were getting 2-4 NFTs per day approx, and now it seems that people are getting 1-2 NFTs per day.

It will depend on your luck. If you get an Epic (Cosmetic and SPACE) or even a Legendary (Cosmetic), this will make your day :slight_smile:

Drop rates are WAAAAAAAYYYYY TOOO LOOOW bigtime!!!
As a silver pass owner, that’s playing for 14hrs min everyday since the beginning of the silver and I’ve git onky 2 UC daggers from day 01 and that’s it.
How you can even call that drop rate a “MEGA”?
playing with party of 5 to 6 ppl, grinding mostly wasteland and ice… Barely know how NFTs look like.
I see ppl talking about silver getting more stuff byt where lol?
I can’t see that hahahahaha I only saw an NFT on day 1 and even that was a goddamn dagger, where is your MEGA INSANE drops?!

Or it’s all about that people have found an exploit and they just taking the whole NFTs while other grinding players just suffering. Why we’re suffering because we grind out the game like crazy with the idea in mind that everything will reset except the NFT. Why we’re doing so?
Because we like the game and we’ve been told by you… To go find friends and go on an adventure to hunt for NFTs because during the EAL there will be “better drop rates” but I don’t see thia thing…

Currently I think it’s a scam, at least from my experience.
So please BigTime team- provide us more clarity about that thing, don’t let people be burned out which eventually will do only bad things for the game + it will completely ruin our community.

Juat look at it from a different point of view and I’m talking about the community:
Lack of clarity from your side have lead for people from gold pass fighting with people from silver pass- for actual no reason.
I mean… There’s always a reason of course and that’s THAT lack of clarity that we’ve got from you.
Again… We’ve been told to buy the pass because we’ll get tons of NFTs through hunting mobs in dungeons via teaming up with friends, everything will reset except the NFT.

  • leave all of that aside for a moment…
    Like myself and others, I have the possibility and thr will to grind 14hrs everyday because I like the game, but think about this individual that have bought the pass and have only a limited amount of time to play each day, that means this individual will get nothing? and then what?

You see how in some sense it feels like a scam?
Again… I like the game and I feel it have a huge potential, but you just ruining that by giving your early supporters and adopters lack of clarity.

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Those arr big words I must say, because yeah we can be hyped about the people behind it and it’s all good, I agree with you.
But on the flip side it can show something else which ia okay… You guys have got the experience to put high quality stuff out there which means you’ve already got the experiences need to launch games/alpha/pre alpha etc… All that good stuf and like I said… I really like the game and I see that higher potential of it and this is a big thing right there- it’s a very gentle “diamond” right now. Right?
It can be polished and it also can be completely destroyed at almost the same time, ideally… In a traditional gaming situation a company would ideally pay for QA testers/small individual groups to test out the ‘product’ and give feedbacks to fix the issues need to provide a better gaming experience.
In our case it is different… You’ve made passes for early access for what? According to your marketing and the way you’ve put it out there, it was more about us buying it to get an extremely “insane” “mega” super duper NFT drop rate + enhance the gaming experiences (not to fix urgent issues- like an ingame map for example).
Now I don’t see it happening… I don’t see that good of an Nft drop rate and this is not just one man’s voice, it’s coming from the majority of your current player base which is the EAL peeps.

Now… As a team with tons of experience… Don’t wanna be rude but I just want to understand why there’s no friend lists in EAL? why there’s no like a small mini map for EAL- make it even like a draft small note that you can open, even make it a lil urban to do some kind of a cool effect to feel I dunno… Special?

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We have played since day one on two gold passes . We do have limited time so we play maybe 4 to 6 hours a day. The best two got is Rare Nfts. Only 5 of those. no space, no legendary not even epic. We love the game but hearing others getting great Nfts and we spend money and time getting very little of value is not motivating. The words Insane and Mega are just words. In this case not appropriate to use as the drop rates are low in value so far. We have one more with third gold pass he has two epics. 14 Nfts in total on one 20 on the other. If they had real value it would be ok. No clarity on how to get them seems very random. Not based on skill and achievement. Again not motivating hence everyone uses the word grind. Such a great game so much potential hope its not ruined by lack of fun in it. It would be great to have Nfts as loot after achievement like completing tasks and using skills. Reaching levels. Something to work towards instead of grinding. We hope big time looks into it and gives clear direction on how to achieve. Also rewards those pincers that have been putting up with servers faults lack of people to play with and giving feedback to improve the game . Overall we love the game and its potential the social aspect is great so many good things just bring back some fun to it by making it achievement based and give us clarity and more feedback on how to play and get those good Nfts. We play in groups of 6 and go up higher levels and lower levels. Its all the advise we got so far in 6 weeks of playing. And its not working for us as you can see Nft results are pretty poor.

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I totally agree with this guy… drops are pretty low and at the same time the bugginess of dungeons gets us kicked out of the dung plus gives us a hard time to reconnect. In addition to that, entering a dungeon has a time limit so there are some instances when a party joins the dungeon last minute, but then gets disconnected, then they get ported out of the dungeon and at that point the time limit has expired and that disconnected user is not able to re join the part.

I hope that you Big Time Team can resolve this issue and also maybe give incentives to solo players also (i dont know how but it should be fair for them too because they also invested in the game, regardless if they have guild or not).

I sure do hope that the thousands of dollars that we, EAL players have invested have compensation… Grinding a game for 14 hours is insane, not to mention that it beats OT in real jobs… I hope these issues are are answered… we paid so much money and hopefully we at least feel the gratification of investing in this project.

Cheers Big Time!

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Oh I’m sorry to read that. I also don’t have much time to play, only 6-8 hours at max. My results on collecting NFTs are different from you, guys. I tried to follow theories and also create my own ones. I even had an issue where my account was reset, losing all of my pocket watches and equipment, but I decided to keep playing and level up new characters. I’m very happy with the loot and even now in the Silver Pass program, it’s not going bad for me.

I started the Silver Pass program a little frustrated because in 3 days, I just got 1 Uncommon. But then a Rare SPACE Small came and yesterday, I collected 3 Uncommon and 1 Epic Great Sword. I will keep playing and having fun with my friends in Big Time. You never know when a Legendary will appear :slight_smile:

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