Silver Pass Drop Rates are almost not existent

Hi Big Time Studios,

as a Silver Pass Holder I’ve been playing the game (6-8 hrs/day) since May17, primarily completing Missions as single player. Till now I got 2 uncommon NFTs in 11 days. This is not a mega drop in my view and it’s not in any other’s view. So it is definitely necessary to inrease drop rates in Silver. When I bought my Silver Pass, nobody told me, that it would be a great disadvantage trying to play as a single player. When I read the comments here, I get pretty sure, that I am not only at the bottom line of the drop rates, but I am the bottom line, because I do not expect, that there is anybody, that got rather less NFT than I did. So after 11 days of playing my primary feeling is disappointment and I think everybody with my drop rate would agree 100%.


You need to have a full group around the same level, doing dungeons around your level, and completing them as they were intended. That’s the best way to get NFTs and the drop rates are not that bad.

I suggest you join a guild and get a group to do the dungeons. I don’t think Big Time is meant to play single player. You can, but will have to suffer through the low drop rates as you described.


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Yep +1ing. This is an MMORPG Not a singleplayer game, it’s implicit in the name and doesn’t need explaining.


The team put a resource network together via the EAL Discord channels for those who signed up. (Link was in the menu screen this whole time). From there you could ask and get help on how best to spend your time. I suggest doing so if you still haven’t.

Hey Blazo & Cisco!

Thanks for Your informations!! Now I would like to tell You, what my understanding of a Multiplayer game is. It just means that You play with others on a server and get combined to play the game without the need of finding players with the same level. In my view it would have been necessary to communicate clearly on the Big Time website that Big Time is in need of at least 6 players to have a decent game experience. And this should not have been done in any discord, but directly on the website, where the EAL passes were sold. There should have been a clear information about the fact, that You actually need friends, that also buy a EAL pass to play with them. Nothing of all that happened. I guess that‘s my point. So saying that everything was explained in the discord seems a little too easy to me. As I said it should have been a clear and a detailed information about the requirements and what had to be paid attention to before buying passes on the passes sales website. And please do not forget, that many many people don‘t even know what a discord is. I did not know, too.

Yes, that’s a normal “Multiplayer game” Like Halo or Call or Duty.

This is an MMO. It’s a VERY specific genre of games which all have the same multiplayer formula required in Big Time.

It stands to reason that a multiplayer game rewards the players who play the group. You don’t need to have a great friendship with the players, just be in a group with them and do the instance together. In any multiplayer game it is like that.