Silver player takeaway

DurzoBlint here. Level 40 Quantum Fixer, 31 Chronomancer, 30 Time warrior. Rank 45

This is my overview of my experiences in Big Time after 3.5 weeks and 280 hours streamed, with 33 NFTs looted!.

Take it all as opinion unless specified.

Firstly, GOLD pass holders had the most glorious handouts. Good players, with a solid group farmed over 300 NFTs each. Im super happy for them!

With the timeline given, Gold had insane drop rate, which was actually insane and imo fair for the price tag of the VIP pass.

  1. My issue with Silver pass,

After day 1 SPACE stopped dropping, and seemingly the Lootbox. I did not see a single SPACE drop in any dungeon in over 3 weeks. With the “Mega” drop rate I’m Highly suspect :thinking: of mega, and upon further investigating it seems likely GOLD players in large guilds farmed them so much in GOLD, Silver never stood a chance at finding them. Could be RNG, as Im a believer in luck. But its seeming more likely as I think about it more.

  1. There is a LOT of FUD about Big Time right now, and communication with players has deminished since JADE and the removal of #EAL-chat on discord. Can we get a communication, or memo about the game and state of the progress somewhat often so information keeps flowing smoothly?

  2. Healing changes. With the release of JADE, Healing spells now “Ground” the healer, meaning I cant heal while running and jumping around. Which really hurts the healing playstyle ive used for almost a month.

  3. Friends list/ban list. I would love to have the options to have a firends list and along side that a better block list. Ive found many toxic platers in this game, that I would like to remove from my gameplay experience. But you cant do that unless they invite you to a group.

  4. Server/connection issues still rampant, Lost a few days in Silver, but I know its currently being worked on. Just keeping this comment as its still a relivent issue.

Overall my experience with Big Time has been one hell of a ride! A fantastic game with many options moving forward. Gameplay is one of the best gaming experiences ive ever had, healing and damage both feel really good. The fact valuable assests can drop for you in a bonus beyond most players current understanding. As long term play, this is a brilliant experiment in web3 and blockchain gaming. I’m satisfied with my Silver pass, although I had hoped to land a few SPACE for the small guild I was planning on making. Now Im applying to guilds who got all the SPACE, as its the main focus of the game in F2P.

I hope everyone gets a legendary who is in game now and bless the RNG gods that everyone gets rich off this game.



Excellent feedback, you captured the general sentiment of most players with your first couple points. We are hoping to have some feedback from Big Time team in the top threads of the forum, as well as a news button in the client to keep everyone up to date and informed about progress, reasons for changes etc. This would go a long way and it looks like they took a good first step to open the forums to more feedback from the players, but the reality is, its the communication from the team that needs to be improved. I am convinced replies to top threads in the forum and news button in client with regular updates would solve this.



Awesome! I know things are progressing, and from a early adapter of many successful games this is a good pace of changes. The community is growing daily, and its an amazing feeling being so early.

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The biggest problem for me is the one that nobody is talking about - the game is fundamentally broken. Sometimes the commands just don’t work, like my character sometimes doesn’t respond when I press the Run command or the Jump command. I’ve died countless times amidst a mob of enemies because my character wouldn’t run when I was trying to run. The game is glitchy as hell sometimes in the middle of combat; clicking the left mouse button to swing your weapon makes my character begin swinging his weapon but a glitch causes the attack animation not to follow through to its conclusion so you keep clicking left mouse button trying to attack but you’re not actually inflicting any damage on the enemies. You get stuck against cliffs and other objects sometimes, and other times you completely glitch out of dungeons, or fall through the ground and get stuck so you have to Return To Lobby.

As Blazo said Wonderful feedback I feel like most players will be able to agree with the points you made.


Clunky. Yes DEFINATLY!

That is fixed over time, but should be talked about a little more I agree.

Price of Silver and Gold during presale dont have much Gap. But the experience between the two is like hell and heaven. I even know a Gold Player with legendary and atleast 400 nfts. Gold got guaranteed Box while silver is not guaranteed(Got also a BUG/ISSUE DROP). And silver droprate is not MEGA. Lucky to those who got the GOLD Pass. Good Luck to all Jade players!

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Great and valuable feedback, Durzo! Quantum Fixer isn’t my main class but I’ve been using it a few times and compared with the healer classes from other games (WoW), it needs some serious improvements to make this class more dynamic and funny to play. I like the experience but there is the feeling that something is missed.

Enjoyed playing with you, can’t wait to add you to my friends list (once it’s available) :slight_smile:


The friends list will be a game changer! Its exciting knowing its coming. Can actually find players to grind with. Cant wait to power farm like we did earlier, that was a good group.

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we have two gold passes no legendaries not paces not even epic less then 50 uncommon and rare nfts just to get the myth about Gold passes mega I know silver pass players with better results than us a s Gold. We dont have a guild its just two of us playing so limited time . Still Gold passes for us so far very disappointing. Hoping that the boxes which we did get on Gold will have somehting valuable to at least cover some of the huge cost that the Gold passes were.

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