Silver's playing in Jade

How does silver passes owners get a chance for the mystery box from jade?

I helped more than 15+ jade passes owners get their mystery boxes and all of them had one thing in common, they got it when they reached rank 20. So my question is what about silver players? Do we have to reach a certain rank to get it?

I have been playing everyday almost 10+ hours, seen more rare drops in 1 week in Jade than 3 weeks playing on Silver all days. Granted that silver players can still play in Jade so why cry about the drop rate being higher, when you can still play? My point is the MEGA drop rate felt like the Great and vice versa, feels unfair for all the silver owners that dedicated their time to get so little amount of rare NFT’s compared to Jade’s (who gets almost guaranteed drops on rank 10 n’ 20).

I guess only silver is getting the short end of the stick? Gold got most of their money back, Jade got about 200-500% of their money in 1 day if you speed run it to 20(When buying the pass on release date)
silvers… :smiling_face_with_tear:

tldr: How do silvers get the Forge box? The 1 week in Great drop rate gave more Rare Nfts then Mega’s 3 weeks.


ye silver player here, I have played close to 300h in silver and jade together.

The drop rate of the nft’s was pretty bad, I got 19 uncommon and 3 rare nft’s. I haven’t seen anyone in my party dop anything better than rare (no epic, legendary), also haven’t seen any space in the entire ~300h.
I also got the silver box (Armory Mystery Box), witch i thought was guaranteed for silver( but not every silver player got it).

I personally haven’t even gotten close to getting my moneys worth for the silver pass i got at $1k, i might have ~250$ back, including the box.

Ive also seen every jade player get an nft at lvl10 and a box at lvl20, witch is cool for them (but sad for silver)

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almost everyone in my guild got the box instantly in first dungeon both in silver and jade, except me and my guild leader, and ive grinded 16+ hour a day in all gold, silver and jade, and not getting a box myself :slight_smile: it is for sure account based, some passes gets them each time, others will never get one, no matter how long they play.


i am silver and have played almost evey ay and haven’t seen an single epic drop or space either, also for some reason it seems like drop rate are pretty much the same for jade as for silver. For now it seems just buying space and nfts would have been a beter use of money then buying a pass.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ve noted it.

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