Sirs effect (suggestion)

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I’ve noticed there are Sir names on NFT weapons(like : Lamorak, Cai, Bleoberis…etc), not sure if there are any perks on the future for these names but I would suggest that if you gather all the weapons from a certain sir, you’ll have a reward of some sort, like a robe or a full custom of the actual sir whilst giving back story to these sirs, it might give some greens an interesting perks and they might go up in value as a side effect.



I’ve already expressed how amazing of an idea this is. This would provide incentive to purchase every item from a single collection.

Hey Buffedneck / @Basel07 ! Nice to see you also here :smiley:

If we can get some kind of bonus by having the full collection, including the Title NFT, def would be something nice. Even we could also get the another bonus by having the full collection of Armors (Helmet, Chest, Legs…).

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Interesting idea. I’m purely speculating here, but I’m not sure NFT rewards would be the way to reward gathering a collection. Ideas for non-nft rewards?