Sit and Rest being made into a key bind like the pushup's :D

The sit and rest ability is really useful and something I think having access to all around without having it on your 1-10 key bindings would be a really nice quality of life feature so just like the push ups giving you a small strength boost or whatever that status effect is when you use it in a tree make a sit and rest key that has a passive regen effect same as the ability and remove the ability. This would make sense in my opinion since the push up’s giving the status effect when doing them in the healing tree is already in the game and it would incentivize people more to use both sit and rest and the other emotes.


I agree completely you should not have to equip it in hotbar


Agreed. Would be great if sit and rest did not use a hotkey. It is a basic action and could be on a permanent key. That would be nice.

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This is legit a great idea. Love it.

It should also fix the need to be out of combat to use it. If I wanna sit down in front of a charging tank bug, than dammit, I will. :joy: