SIT AND REST is the name of the game

after the update, energy costs increased significantly, more than double in some cases… now i dont know whats going on with the minds of the developers, but i think they forgot the difference between PLAYING and WAITING… and a GAME is supposed to be PLAYED… and we all know waiting is NOT FUN…

maybe the devs were like… “hmmm, you’re really having too much fun casting you spells, maybe its time we get half the fun and make you wait half the time…”

if their aim was to lower the pace of the game, they should have made the enemies harder to kill, instead of making the players WAIT… please dont forget that this is a GAME that is supposed to be FUN, have you ever heard of a game where you spend half of your game time waiting? if there is, i bet its not that fun and nobody plays it…

i bet many of you are drivers here, have you ever driven to a longer route just to traffic from the shorter route? the point is nobody wants to wait…

big companies like amazon is striving to deliver the package the fastest way possible even if they have to spend millions, now they even have same day delivery…

i have played a game called TANTRA, all of the classes, even the warriors, wont have to worry about energy especially at the higher levels, so all you do is play and attack.

the point im trying to make is, WAIT and FUN cant be in the same sentence… if bigtime is supposed to be fun, then why the wait???

also the potions in the game are UTTERLY USELESS. you use the energy potion, how much does it give you? 200 energy for the large? not even enough for 1 max level spell… potions in other games give you percentage of the total health or energy, not a fixed amount like the one in bigtime… fixed amount potions are useless, we know the devs in bigtime are from the largest industries in the gaming space, but how come they didnt figure this out???

if you want to increase energy costs at a riduculous rate, at least you make your potions useful… that is unless you want this to be a waiting game, or a game of tree of life…


I believe the sit and wait thing is actually good, considering the game is an MMO where must of them take this slow approach in dung, kinda like WoW when you need to eat and drink for your HP & Mana. Regarding your point on potions, I 100% agree, and I believe they will build a better potions usage in the future, my suggestion is to reduce different sizes and the amount recovered should be a percentage like 15-20% or so

I agree with you but you went too much off track.
Pretty sure the nerf for energy (energy cost per skill lvl) was to nerf mainly chronomncers,
The problem is that it feels like it was nerfed on the hotfix and it was quite right and then it was nerfed even more now in the patch… Imo it’s bad now, I do feel what you’re talking about, my pace have been extremely lowered and that is making me now think and invest more into regeneration rather than dps.

This change… If I get it right… Was for you to understand more that you have to have a fixer,
Before the patch… You could easily run any dngn without a single fixer, well now you can’t

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disagree trees and gates fix this… play with a better quantum fixer

Disagree… Trees now are not enough + let’s face it most of the fixers don’t even have gates and if they have then most of them have 1/2 points in energizer and max in the physical attack boost gate (don’t remember the name).

More on that… This change made chronos not stand on their own as a class, either the pace is extremely slow, either you don’t have enough wisdom to regain mana or you just take too much agro because it’s what it’s… You left with only 3 skills to cast and a bunch of mobs gunning at you.

Come play with me… i will show you they are enough… our team hasnt slowed down… if i can say my lvl 56 chrono doesnt have to slow down… you can say you dont want to play that way… but you cant say the game is making you slow down… your team is or your unwillingess to change is… but it isnt the game. Love you tech keep giving feedback even if we dont always agree!

so what if you’re not around? or other quantum fixers? should we just play other games then, until you show up?

as said prior, the point of this period is to dial in the dungeon experience. not to play 24/7 and have fun… also i just responded to your own with my answer so you can read it there

This is just a bad answer mate… Sorry

explain please?

Why I need to play with you to see if it’s enough or not lmao? (from curiosity… If you have a solo run with a mage before the update and now- this can be a good comparison)
I see my energy bar, I see other chronos mana bars, I played with a bunch of ppl from the community in rotation and I can see that definitely pace was lowered and mages backtracking more.

Well when you have organized team you know… No wonder, right communication and strategy and all good. Saying your team didn’t slowed down? Well actually all got slowed down due to agi issues, we all slowed down.

In which way you’re playing then? Long range staff?

Team definitely can slow you down but I’m talking about pace, the pace itself for me as a chrono have been slowed down- I can encounter less sequences because of mana issues, like every sequence… Not talking about the boom bosh perfect solution where you have a good fixer (which ia rare).

Unwillingness to changes well buddy I disagree because you judging lmao
As soo as the patch came about I said okay… Time to test potions, not the best results yet but it’s getting similar to the hotfix2 if you use tree on top.

The game is slowing me down, it’s a fact… I don’t try to judge it but take is as it is and see what we can do with it.

The feedback is that I feel like the change for mana per skill lvl is a bit harsh especially if we take it into a comparison with other classes… Chronos most of the time using only skills, they lean on their energy so as a “fix” a few ideas might be adding energy regen to int too (or specifically to chronos), reducing the amount of mana reduction per lvl, reducing cooldown on potion to prompt us use them more often (no matter which class this is).

On this note, thank you mate for taking your time to reply and waste your time here, please don’t forget that your team is a different scenario to most of the players… Stuff that are ez for you are damn hard to most of the players, I know it’s hard to understand it but feedback is a feedback and we need any feedback. you may be on another level so the perception of things will be different and sometimes clash with someone on a more basic level.

it is very clear the devs wanted to impact the pace of the game… have you noticed the AGILITY’s effect on movement speed is down by 75%?? i dont know how this could positively impact the players experience… back to what ive said, make the game FUN as it is supposed to be… make the player experience the top priority, if nobody wants to play the game because of your poor decisions, how can this game grow?

honestly, i have bought a legendary space at $680 and an epic medium space at $680, look at what the price is now? the price should rise with demand… what does it say when prices are falling??? the game has not even been released and yet we already lost 75% of our capital, the least you can do is make it fun for YOUR INVESTORS, who already lost a lot

Disagree. prices have nothing to do with how fun the game is. The new build is way more fun to play for me. So now where do we go?? You think it isnt has fun… i think it is more fun… we are both early investors… this isnt easy

So, @Kingperrin1, you and I have talked about you having the day-to-day experience of a top %er of community. Super experienced team that know how to play their class. You also know the optimal setup, currently. The end goal is for there to be a variety of ways you can play each class.

So, considering the play experience at large:

  • Not everyone is going to have a fixer in their party
  • When they do, they aren’t necessarily going to be a good fixer
  • If they are a good fixer, they still need to put some focus into finding and specing into the energizer gate and keeping it up all of the time

So, the complaints about idle time are fair.

@Buck highly disagree… at this point i have offered multiple different solution to this supposed problems including playing with the individuals so i can look at their builds…

currently there is no requirement for feedback to have class builds… there are skills and stats that allieviate the problem… are they being used… idk you dont know… so saying that this is an issue with only inexperience vs experienced is holding back the game from progressing.

Currently everybody i talk to uses the same builds… int and str max… then are coming to forums and saying i dont have enough energy… that is by design… the game gives you the ability to boost your damage but there is a balance there… you need a quantum to support your glutony for energy or you have to tree spam… or you have to potion spam… or you can cut down on the int stacking and put more into wisdom… or you can cut back on skill and put more into energy regen…

the point is… i have multiple ways to manuever around this supposed problem… you can continue to try and pit this as a king vs noobs issue but it isnt… i offered to play alongside… offer wasnt taken up

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you just dont get it do you?? sometimes players want to go solo, sometimes they want a party…

another point, what if they dont want to play with you? do you want their lives to depend on you? you are implying that you are the solution and you know it all…

a good business caters to all kinds of customers, not just a specific group… now if you only force players to be in a party, then you are missing a significant portion of the market. dont forget there are different kinds of players…

there are SOLO players and there are PARTY players… heck even party players sometimes want to go solo…

and please DO NOT insist that we party with you, YOU ARE NOT THE SOLUTION THAT WE SEEK…

maybe in bigtime you are good… BUT can i clearly see you have no idea what a business should be, and bigtime is a business… it should NOT act as an autocratic entity and force things upon its customers… it should serve everyone for it to grow…

I do get it solo is just prior to full launch not now… per roadmap.

Dont have to play with me they can play with other quantum

a good business donest cater to people that want easy if there is no challenge there is no game

why force people to play with someone else? what if i want to go SOLO today???

EASY and FUN are very different things… and i never said make it easy…

have you ever heard us complain that a clockie is so hard to kill??

its like making a shooting game, but you give the players very little ammunition…
make a mage but cant cast its spells…
make an assassin but cant run fast…

how is that fun??

No… there are ways to get armor you built you char and are upset about the cons and just asking for all cons to be removed… not how balancing works…