Skill energy requirements - ridiculous

Problem you’re trying to solve
the skill energy requirements after the update is just RIDICULOUS… you might as well remove the skills all together… for a level 21 chronomancer starter pocket watch with 1000 energy, level 10 fireblast requires 343 energy to cast, you run out of energy after 3 skills!!! the one who thought of this “balancing” is just out of this world smart…

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
skills are the main attack for chronomancers, duno with the other classes… if you might as well remove all chronomancer skills if you implement a very high energy requirement. you negatively impact player experience, that is not called balancing, its just making players stop to regenerate more. you shorten the dungeon but increase the energy requirement by a lot, that is just the same, it would take just as long as a long dungeon with low energy requirement.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
if you can not improve player experience, why update in the first place???


This is solved by proper usage of trees and gates… have you played with a good quantum or do you solo run?

Agree with you but I think you took it too far.
Personally I don’t know where this came from, still asking why because energy consumption was nerfed in the hotfix which felt quite right, now it’s even more.
If I try to understand it came from a place of challenge but idk… I don’t feel challenged, I just feel like this specific mechanic is forcing me to lower my pace down and that’s it… So okay, I’ll play it safe then and encounter sequences in a more moderated way but it’s just not fun imo, especially for those who like fast pace.

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They should lower the cost of fire explosion energy, many players stopped using it because of the high cost.

imagine you have a level 20 starter chronomancer, with 1000 energy, maxed out fireblast… you only have 3 casts before you run away to regen… consider this, starter pocket chronomancer only has limited skills, and 1 gear option, now i put arcane storm level 3, and nothing else to choose from other than the fire blast… how would you rate your player experience considering the facts?

and not just the fire blast, blizzard level 10 also has 350+ energy cost… and they also nerfed the energy cost reduction skill now only 20% max… seems like the “balancing” they are doing aims to pin down the players…

imagine in CSGO if you have only 5 rounds in your m4a1 and you have to reload all the time… how would that make you feel?

and its not always you get a quantum fixer in the party, and not all quantum fixers have energy gates…

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blizzard level 10 is 392 energy.

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Anyone have an idea of what the cost was before?

140-160 energy…