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Not enought place for skills

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There should be at least x2 skill bars 1-10. There are a lot of skills we are using, medicines, tree of lifes etc. It takes a lot of space… As a Quantum Fixer Iam missing more space for skills.
For example add second skill bar to use skills shift+1/ shift+2 or smthing F1 / F2 / F3 or just let us manually customize the hotkeys for the second skill bar OR I think best way is to Ctrl +1 / Ctrl +2 to just switch between skillbars. Yeah I think its best way to do it.

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Big Time Team has already addressed this and more skill/potion bars are coming.

Personally I think adding a potion bar so we can use the full 10 skill slots for skills only would be enough. I like having to chose what skills to use (as long as there was 10). Taking off tree of life, speed potions, teleport scroll, and sit and rest to put in a potion bar so we could pick 10 skills to use would be more than enough I think and offer a bit of diversity among players depending on what skills you want to use.


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Okay, great! I am happy to know that

I agree. At least 2x 10 slots. It’s easy to do, just add a new actionbar when you switch weapons. Then you have different skills for main weapon and secondary weapon but you still use the same keybindings.

There are solutions in the works. No ETA as of yet.

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