Skipping Angry by down before the boss room

I heard about this from friend.

Skip mobs and Before entering the circle of the boss room. Everyone Get downed by hitting the wall using Ninja leap.

Then even if don’t kill mobs. Angry objective won’t appear.

Any dungeon

Same as above

Problem is skipping Proper game play but also when a player doesn’t have Ninja Leap and couldn’t get suicided by self. Leader of the group Kick the player from the group.

Its actually totally bad game experience.

The problem is not that, the problem is speedrunning and the fact that this playstyle is supported by majority of players right now.

Sorry but this is not a bug… This is the people and how they perceive the game

I think speedrunning should always be part of the game.
Players should always have the freedom to choose their own playstyle.

The problem is people that doesn’t want to cooperate when playing with randoms.
This is why people in discord always tell that you should join a guild or at least join their servers so you can find people that matches your playstyle.

Also, bigtime should fix solo gameplay experience because honestly I would rather play solo that play with randoms.

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It is kind of BUG which Devs didn’t intended.

There is always speed running, and people just find ways to finish the game faster than before. Actually its ok.

But this is not good one.

Definitely interesting! Yeah, I’ve had plenty of games where i look for a group and get kicked because I don’t have a specific thing to make beating the dungeon 30 seconds faster, and it’s and awful time, especially when you put in all the time and effort to get to the end, so I feel it haha. I’ll get this put in and see what’s up with everything! Thanks for the heads up!

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