Skull/Enemy body gear drop Idea

was talking to some people in the discord about the idea of enemies having gear that dropped that could have some different Slain monster looks.
for example.

  1. Skulls of dinosaurs as helmets such as T-Rex,Raptor & any other Dino skulls/bones
  2. helmets/head models of the Cyber Pirates repurposed as our own helmets.
    3 Underling/insectoid Shells and stuff repurposed to make capes/horns and other various cool salvaged looking armor pieces.

let me know what you guys think of this idea! maybe if we get alot of people interested the team will add it :smiley:


Love this idea! We still don’t know how the crafting system will work, but your suggestion could be an extra way on creating new cosmetics. It’s also funny to craft something and what you get, has some kind of relation with the resources that you used like bones, skins, metal pieces, etc.

Hope to see something like this in the public release!

Cool ideas, making a note of it.

Feedback uploaded in Jira to be reviewed